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Chrystallia and the Source of Light by P. M. Glaser

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Chrystallia and The Source of Light by P M Glaser

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There’s a lot to say…it's a work of art that shines with the light in each of us! I know you all will enjoy ‘Chrystallia and The Source of Light’ as much I did working on it with Paul...it really IS more than just a 'book'...it’s a magical mystery tour waiting for YOU!

Who will really enjoy reading Chrystallia and The Source of Light?? EVERYONE, especially young adults will relate to this wonderful fantasy adventure and certainly the sibling relationship. After you read it, I think that you will agree that most people have a bit of Maggie and Jesse inside themselves, and it's the very fact that Paul's able to tie all the characters together in such a fun, unique way that you can identify with them personally, and that’s what adds to this marvelous journey embossed therein those pages of Chrystallia and the Source of Light! I'll bet you will have your favorite character or two...or three...or....

It will ‘rock’ your world!!

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A must have novel in your collection! Get a copy for everyone you know...a wonderful gift for children of all ages....It's a fantasy book written for younger teens and pre-teens...but I know that everyone will truly enjoy taking a journey into Chrystallia...

‘Chrystallia and The Source of Light’ is told in the voice of Maggie, a thirteen-year-old girl, who is about to discover a journey of ‘self;’ a journey that includes her nine-year-old brother, Jesse, whom she’s ‘hated’ since he took, in her view, her ‘place’ as the ‘favorite’ in the family.  They are about to discover their fears and by learning to embrace them, they will find their true heart..their true self.. 

Maggie and Jesse live in the mountains, in their warm and cozy house that their father built himself and which the bank is now foreclosing on because business has been declining for some time. Their father is a craftsman; he makes beautiful inlayed furniture from exotic trees that he hauls out of the forest with the help of their much loved Clydesdales horses, Molly and Blue.

This is not only Maggie and Jesse’s last Christmas in their house; it is their last Christmas with their mother who is dying.  Maggie is angry and scared and doesn’t believe in anything she can’t hold, touch, or control.  Jesse, a heart full of sweet innocence, needs to believe, to find the faith that his mother has tried to teach him. He loves crystals, rocks and minerals and believes in their ‘power.’

It happened one pre-Christmas eve...the beautiful tree they cut down, now shining bright with Lights and tinsel, in the wee hours of the night, Jessie feels the 'house move'..he wakes Maggie and while investigating it, they discover a whole in the floor between the roots of their beautiful Christmas tree. Caustiously peering down the whole, they witness the sparkling, twinkling of a pinprick of light coming from deep down that black hole they have found between two of the roots. This light splits in two and as these lights grow brighter and float upward, Maggie and Jesse find themselves looking at their reflections. As they turn to try and run, they fall into the abyss; first Maggie, then Jesse when they reach out to each other. Colors, shapes and images of the past radiate all around them as they descend deep into the chasm from the whole in their floor.

 It’s suddenly dark, quiet as Maggie and Jesse ‘land’ apart, their voices echoing as they call out to each other. Brilliant, crackling light streams begin to illuminate where they stand. Jesse turns off his flashlight and is awed by the cool rocks, minerals and crystals that now appear and surround them. While they investigate the colorful rocks, minerals and crystals that surround them, they are startled by the sudden animation of ‘life’ that begins to appear within these formations…and their very own words being mimicked by them! Everywhere Maggie and Jesse turn, new ‘people’ emerge, casting their colorful light, all wanting to know ‘where’ the light came from because before Maggie and Jesse arrived…there was no light!

In very short order, these ‘crystal people’ begin to take on their own personality and pose…and they were familiar somehow, too. Some of them even seemed to possess aspects of Maggie and Jesse’s personalities, others were like friends they had known before and still others appeared angry, thirsty for getting to the ‘new light’ source.

In a great hall, they meet King Beryl: the Bloo-the Rare-the Troo, his wife…the Green Queen of Envy, their sons ~ the warrior Red Sapphire Prince and his ‘idiot’ brother the Orange Sapphire Prince. There’s Pyrite the Court Jester, who like a rickety, bouncy slinky of cubes sits by the Queen, and the Holy Clear (Diamonds), ‘Keeper of Memory,’ Princess Amethyst and her personal, most dutiful guard, Baz (Basalt), and Schist and Gneiss, (two ‘granite people’) who are members of the ‘Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rocks.’(Love that!)

The Kingdom of Beryl is a world where the ‘Land of Air’ is believed to be a polluted ‘hell’ and without light, after all, the only humans they have ever known are buried in boxes all in a hopeless attempt to reach the true heaven, the core of Chrystallia: Metamorphia ruled by Metamorphus, THE Creator of Light and Wizard of Iz, all well beyond the land of fossils known as ‘Fossilia,’ and the ‘Land of Magma’ ruled by Igneus the Nth.

Will Maggie and Jesse find their way home? Will they learn the secret of moving: the “truth” of one’s self and the ‘source of light?’

Will they experience a moment of discovery, a mutual clarity of the knowledge that they are a part of everything and everyone around them and what will they do with this newfound knowledge?

What's 'fear', helplessness got to do with you???

Love…it IS the ‘purest aspiration of humankind…’

...find out all these things and more for your 'self!'

Get the book...give a gift of Love....


Chrystallia Review

Chrystallia Introduction

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PM Glaser writes: ‘We have sequel titles for Chrystallia which are like elaborate costumes waiting in the closet to be filled with life and light. If there are any thoughts as to what kind of situations you would like Maggie and Jesse to explore in that world, I’d love to hear them.’

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Have you ever experienced ‘darkness’...or thought of what comes after that darkness? Or what’s on the other side of it?  Have you ever been so scared that you see how that fear can awaken you to find your greatest strength? And what about or where IS the true source of ‘Light’? 

What IS the true source of love and life?

Love...it IS the `purest aspiration of humankind...it ties us all together'...
....and it is also something that is not present enough in our often too judgmental world today..

'Chrystallia and The Source of Light' by PM Glaser...

It's more than just a book..it's a fun journey, a beautiful journey of the heart...hold the book close to yours when you read it or just hold it and 'reflect'...you may feel empowered within...

“Love’...it’s a ‘big’ thing you know, it can ‘do’ a lot of things to us and Chrystallia will touch your heart in many ways and differently every time you read it! It will help you think about your own love(s), your own life and how, now matter what, there IS love and that you can (and should…don’t take people, things…life for granted) find appreciation for everything and everyone you have in your life, even if you have experienced some great sorrow that overwhelms you, changes you. That’s what Chrystallia is about...’love’…OUR ‘Light’ and maybe by reading it a few times, sharing your thoughts with others, you will find what that means for YOU and those around and in you and you will find ‘your way home!’

This new 'land' of Chrystallia is full of wonderful zany characters with 'attitudes,' and 3D-personality, all 'living' in an incredibly colorful world of crystals where 'rules' govern the order of the 'moment.' Paul's vivid use of descriptive and figurative language is quite imaginative, inspirational, poetic and fresh. There is wordplay full of symbolism and mystery, like a puzzle loaded with laughter, subtle witticisms, terrific puns ('You got 'rocks' in your head?'), comedy, and rhymes and riddles! There are cool messages, some in unique 'sing-song' fashion, of faith, hope, compassion, love, forgiveness, and valuing relationships throughout like a treasure chest full of the richest gems that you've found only after searching high and wide with an ancient world map encrypted with hidden code and symbols.

is heartfelt, often whimsical and very moving (got tissues??), it’s a story where a brother and sister, Jesse and Maggie, journey to a land never seen or even known before, a 'place' that you cannot even begin to imagine and just when it seems that there is no way out, and the end of 'Light' is eminent, there is a miraculous transformation which takes the characters, and subsequently the reader, to a 'place' within themselves and delivers them all to a realization of what life and our journey together is all about! I think a lot of young adults will relate to this adventure and certainly the sibling relationship and 'birth order issues' that seems to be present in some lives...the exploration into Maggie's heart and being will help a lot of people who may presently have or have had this experience in their life.

It’s a story told through the eyes and heart of thirteen year old Maggie who takes in quite a bit of the atmosphere around her deeply into herself. Her survival instinct is projected by creating a `false,' tough exterior to her being. She questions her `self-worth,' judges herself harshly, and thereby, indirectly and unknowingly, others. Nine year old Jesse is a sensitive young boy with the gift of the `positive power of belief.' He is full of unconditional love, and trust, belief in others. I think that most people have a bit of Maggie and Jesse inside themselves...that’s what adds to this marvelous journey embossed therein those pages.

Through the gift of Paul's narrative writing, you can feel yourself a part of the presence with Maggie and Jesse, and while you can truly feel them grow together in a bond that was deeply hidden within themselves, a bond they didn't even know they shared, you will actually witness how they discover their love for themselves, for each other and the awesome power that grows from 'within' during their journey.

It's very apparent that Paul M. Glaser was able to dig into that very 'place' from deep inside, you know, that 'secret place' most of us have wherein you discover things you didn't really know about your 'self.' He explores the areas of the mind, heart, and well-being in a fun and imaginative, mysterious way that is poignant for anyone in any 'plane of time.' It's a novel for the young and not so young and one that children and young adults especially will identify with. I think you will agree that this is arguably one of the best of all family books, and destined to become one of those classics of world literature that children and adults will enjoy together for generations.

Read the book...discover all these things and more for your 'self!' I have no doubt that you will find and feel that some of the characters that are 'a part of you!" I love Baz, he's one of my favorites...very dutiful and dedicated, right to the end...Princess Amethyst for her glowing inner beauty and wisdom...Torri for her 'humor', honesty and inquisitiveness...certainly Pyrope...genuine in his innocence and hopefulness...ahh so many to enjoy and have fun with! King Bloo.. “AAAaaahhh, aaahh-CH-CH-CH-CHOOOOO!!” It will make a great animated film!

There have been many other fantastic fantasy adventures written in the past, like 'The Wizard of OZ,' 'Alice in Wonderland,' the works of Charles Dickens and currently, 'Harry Potter,' and Twi-Light series etc, but now it’s time for them to move over…clear a neat space on your mantle…there are none like 'Chrystallia and the Source of Light.' So read on, journey on and discover your own new personal adventure by truly finding a unique way of 'thinking outside the box' and finding YOUR way home!

Can’t finish my review without mentioning the artwork by Dave Zaboski (check out his other illustrated books too) and Dominic …it’s awesome! They fully capture the vivid detail and passion of Paul M Glaser's 'world'...some of it would make cool mini posters...especially the inside dust jacket of all the characters...this alone would make a fun border to decorate a room with...maybe even line a few spots with Paul's hand drawn maps! Cool! Paint your room in Chrystallia fashion!! Hmmm…I think I will have some fun and paint my own wall murals like that!

Love...it IS the `purest aspiration of humankind...it ties us all together'...

Ohhhh. "You've got spaahkle, Mister!"
I hope You will find Your heart!

Coming up, an audio book with awesome character voices and lot's of great ‘stuff’!

Video Readings COMING SOON!!!!

Metabless ya’ll!

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