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Christmas 2009



August. 2009

December 24, 2008

I wonder at this time of year. I wonder at my endings and beginnings, hopes and fears, losses and lessons, dreams and memories, my yearning and need, my abilities and frailties, my hope and my heart. At this time particularly when our minds would mark this life’s tumult of feelings in the infinite, invisible spin of time as a ‘year’ of suns and moons, a year of being tossed about by the inexorable push and pull of our breathing universe. I wonder at the phenomenon of existence: that we are part of all that is, that it is and that we are…here.

And I wonder at our capacity for love, that we can choose this as a heaven.

Wishing all of us to remember our hope and our hearts.


December 22, 2007

Christmas Message from Paul

I suppose the thing I know best about this time of the year is my yearning and what I feel of the world’s yearning. For peace…for love…understanding…some gentleness…compassion and light. In the birthplace of the Judeo/Christian mythology, where this was originally the longest and darkest day and night of the year…when it seemed that the darkness would never leave and light would never return…our ancestors chose the plant that is always green, the ‘Ever’-green tree, and decorated it with gifts and entreaties to bring back the light. Our Christmas tree.

In this time on our planet when our family of man is growing to over-crowding, when our resources for sustaining life on this great host, Mother Earth are now seen as finite and the only argument aggrivated by greed and fear is ‘how long’ before we have soiled our nest beyond repair and destroyed the world and future of our children’s children…it is

imperative that we listen.

Listen to ourselves.

Listen to each other.


Listen to our hearts…to everyone’s heart,

To our fears…remembering that everyone fears,

To our dreams…remembering that everyone dreams,

And to each and every one’s

yearning to love and be loved.


To forgive ourselves our

Flight from fear

Remembering that fear is not the enemy.

It is in our lives for a reason:

To lead us to our hearts and our ability to love.


To put our hands together

And honor our with all our hearts

Our ability…our gift as humans

To be able to choose to embrace the truth of our

Mortality with compassion for ourselves

In our struggle and

Compassion for others in theirs.




In this moment together

In our common darkness.

Hold hands…

Hold hearts…

And gently…earnestly

Wish with all our souls


For the light.


For it is here.


Within each and every one of us.



March 22, 2007

Dear Everybody...

I have to say 'everybody' because though I would like to thank each of you personally, and I will attempt to include you in the following...I'm sure I'll miss somebody and there have been so many cards and gifts I can't thank you enough for making this birthday so special. Your generosity and caring are very special to me and I appreciate it very much. goes...

To the 'girls'....Pam, Raffaella, Fiona, Terri, Marion, Jools, Jo, Maria, Jane, Hilly, and Sandi....

You shouldn't have...but you did...and I will enjoy every moment of your gift.

To Marily - Tarzana
Michelle Johnson
Stella oh Stella
Jane Pennington - Ca.
Carol Phillips
Karen - Barrie, Ontario
Linda Tantzen
Francoise   Heridel
Valerie Davis
Nadine - France
SAndra - N.Z.
Patricia C....whereever you are...
...and Linda Curtis...

Amanda, Monika, Karen, Louise, Sandi and Sandy, Vanessa, Russell and
Monica, Sigrid, Sabine, Barb and Pat, Keren-Leigh, Steven H., Al, Pat,
Marie-Jose,  Peter, Astrid, Annette,Lori A., Delia and Maureen, Denise, and Nora from

Thank  you so very much for remembering and helping me to celebrate my birthday. God Bless  you and keep you all. Hopefully there will be more to do in front of and behind the camera this year and you can be sure that Pam will keep you all abreast even if she has to beat it out of me. In the meantime I write, write...and write and am thankful that I have found another outlet for my creativity.

So...thanks again. It's hard turning 50, but I'll make it with your help.


December 2006

To all the fans,
Your cards and gifts and donations have not stopped and there are no words that can really express my gratitude. In the book I am writing, a boy asks his mother the origin of the Chrismas tree and she offers that when our ancestors that lived in the northern most climes where it was dark all day long and people feared the light would never return, people went out and chose the tree that was always green...the 'ever-green' tree and decorated it with gifts and food as an entreaty for the light to come back.

I would like to think that in this season when the past year is dying and the new year is being born...when days are shortest and nights are longest, when the 'light' of humanity is most yearned for and the fear and suffering in the world seem overwhelming, it is important that we all find ways to remind ourselves and each other that we are the light and it is everlasting.

I wish you all peace, happiness, and health in the coming year.


March 25, 2006

'To all you fans who have so generously and thoughtfully remembered my birthday. Please excuse me for not answering each card and gift personally,...and please accept my thanks via this website for all your support and caring. It's a wonderful way to experience your birthday, having such a beautiful mirror held up to myself. Of course, you all know how I grouse about not deserving it. And there is a part of me that does feel that way. There's also another part of me that is truly humbled by your appreciation and support and I only hope that I conduct myself in the rest of my life to warrant such respect.

Now, there was a piece forwarded to me by Pam Meserve...a dialogue that some of you have had about my comment about 'people creating their gods in order to eat them.' Ordinarily, I would let it lie and let those who felt they understood what I was trying to say try to explain to those who took offense at it...and let things work themselves out. However, being Paul, I have never passed up an opportunity to shoot myself in the foot, so I'll try again.

I first made that comment to a reporter well into the four year run of S&H. Over time I have repeated it here and there. Let me assure you, I don't consider myself a god. Anymore than all of us are god and god is in all of us. What I was and do speak to is the sociological phenomenon of idol worship which we all as human beings need to do, myself included). The reason we need to do it is that we are all mortal. We all have to deal with death, our fear and powerlessness in the face of death. It is not something we rationally choose to do, but rather it is something that is borne out of our effort to feel empowered. So we take people that have accomplished something we consider special, be it true or not..(because it is all about our perception), and we adore them because they were able to do that in the face of their fear. We adore and adorn them because we want to celebrate that one of our kind can, in fact accomplish something in the face of our fear, and at the same time, we want to find ourselves, our likeness as humans in them. So no sooner do we elevate them than we feel we need a piece of them. An autograph, photograph, piece of feel, know, touch, be touched, 'eat' them. (in ancient, pagan cultures, this person-made-god would literally be eaten).

So this is a fact of human behavior. It is not me referring to myself as God. It is me referring to, or explaining how I view the act of 'celebrity.' It's a sociological phenomenon that has been borne out by history over and over and over. We as humans need to identify the god in each of us, in all of us as well as us in our experience of God. There. That's my attempt at explaining. I truly do not wish to offend, or even preach to anyone. I hope you will understand.

Again, much thanks for all the remembrance of my birthday. This life is a hell of a ride, isn't it?



January 11, 2006:

"I would like to thank you each individually, but that isn't possible, so I am sending you a collective 'thank you' for your generosity, your care and warm wishes through these holidays, and yes, even in advance of my birthday.
The world is a difficult and scary place these days, and I am thankful that part of the result of 'Starsky and Hutch' has been these web sites and the opportunity they give those that have the show in common, to experience some
togetherness and the reaffirmation they give that there is a part of us, the most important part of us in this life that knows and traffics in love. So, thanks for what you give me and for what you give each other, and again, my
best wishes for all in this and the coming years."  PMG


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March 25, 2005

"I would like to thank each and every one of you for your birthday wishes. I'm having a fine day and a fine life. I am blessed. To all of you, best of everything, love throughout, a life with grace.   Paul"

December 16, 2004

On December 16th 2004, Paul sent his poem expressing his sentiments of the season to be shared with all his fans.

Thank you Paul for your continued generousity in the spirit of giving.

Listen to the Silence


Listen to the Silence….


snow flakes,…




 heart beats….


 Listen to the Silence echo through eternity.

It is not empty. Not a Void.  

It is filled with longing
and belonging,…

one to another,…

each to each,…

all to all.


It is the Eternal Everything of which we are all a part….


the Silence,…


And the noise….




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