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‘SITMOIA' Productions, Inc; is a multi-level outlet for film production, publishing, screen and play writing, and photography.

We are publishing my first book; “Chrystallia and the Source of Light,” in May, 2011. It's a trans-generational story about a fourteen year old girl, (told in her voice) and her eleven year-old brother who are about to lose their mother and their house. It is their last Christmas together and the two children find themselves on an unexpected journey underground in the amazing world of crystals and minerals in search of the source of light. It is a story of light, love, courage in the face of helplessness, forgiveness, discovering the truth of yourself and finding your way ‘home.’

This will be followed by the publishing of my second book; ‘Hook-Foot and Peg, A Cautionary Tale,’ which is a journey of a crippled but very proud Crow, a tough one legged Sea Gull, (female) and a multi-lingual, overly amorous Parrot. It's also trans-generational story about friendship and the environment.

New to this site is a collection of my photographic compositions that, by dint of their size (up to 6 Feet x 3 Feet), style of cropping, framing, and subject matter are mounted in lightboxes as artistic studies in visual relativism. Click here to view.


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