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October 11, 2007

KOJACK: "Down a Long and Lonely River"

(episode # 1.19) March 20, 1974

Paul Michael Glaser as "Lou Giordano"

Lou Giordano has just been paroled. A caring, kind hearted man, with a painful past, he moves in with his fianc, and former prison counselor, Lyndsey Walker. Excited about his new beginnings, Lou gives her a big hug as he comments to her about their nice new satin sheets!

Lou?s older cousin, Mac pulls up to the front of the house with Lou?s old trunk of memories and possessions. Lou is glad that he arrives and tells him about the satin sheets as they head into a room, closing the door behind them. He explains that he couldn?t believe it when he saw it as he hands Lou a hand gun. Lou pops open the barrel and is dismayed at the filed down firing pin as Lyndsey walks into the room. She is visibly upset and concerned for Lou as this is a clear violation of his parole. ?There are some things I gotta find out. I can not start a new life until I settle some things in my old life? he tells her. He runs out to begin his quest.

Afraid for Lou?s safety and status as a free man, Lyndsey meets Kojack at police headquarters seeking his help in finding him and preventing him from making a terrible mistake. Kojack is glad to see his favorite psychologist and gives her a big hug. ?I really gotta talk to you? she pleads. He listens intently to Lou?s history and agrees to do what he can for her. Kojack gets his cracker jack team right on the investigation. Extremely grateful, she leaves the office to begin her own search.

Lou visits the trucking company he used to own where he finds his friend and former business partner, Alan, still there. Lou wants to know who the new partners are. He tells him that he wants to confront Elena and demands her address. Reluctantly, Alan gets bookkeeping to give the address to "Mr. Giordano?. ?You?ve changed Lou? Alan says as Lou leaves...?Maybe I have?

After he leaves, Alan calls Mr. Danzig.


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