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  • By HILDA LIPRACE, November 22, 2010 @ 7:48 pm

    Querido señor Paul M Glaser .mi vida siempre fue muy triste ,sabia que tenia unos padres que me amaban y me aman .siendo muy chica fui abusada sexualmente.nunca se lo conte amis ppadres hoy en dia no saben.asi que mi adolescencia fue muy complicada siempre con temor verguenza ,muy retraida ,perdi muchos seres queridos ,se que no fue facil esos años .siempre senti un hueco en mi corazon ,era como tener todo ,salud ,padres que me amaban …pero ese hueco seguia en ese lugar .hoy tengo 48 años y ese hueco no esta mas ,es que en el año 1999 le entregue el corazon y mi vida a Jesucristo ,empese a orar y ver milagros en mi vida y en otras personas ,en ese momento encontre el camino la luz la fe la esperanza ,no se me terminaron los problemas ellos siempre estan alli ,cambio la forma como afrontarlos ,tengo amigos ,familia ello me pueden dejar o desfraudar pero mi Señor Jesucristo es mi amigo fiel siempre esta conmigo El me ayuda en los momentos dificiles ,es el que me habre puertas donde estaban cerradas ,es sentir su fuego su luz su paz su amor ,asi que antes mi corazon era como un rompecabezas donde le faltaba una pieza .y esa pieza fundamental Jesus llego a mi vida y lo deje que entrara a mi corazon y lleno el hueco y cambio mi vida .EL ES MI LUZ MI PAZ MI AMOR
    Gracias señor Glaser por compartir Dios lo bendiga muchisimo como me bendice a mi ,todos los dias es una bendicion siempre hay algo que Dios nos muestra ,solamente hay que esta atentos y arrebatar esa bendicion ,todos los dias agradesco al Señor por lo que tengo ,se que en su pais el dia 28 si no me equivoco selebran el dia de accion de gracias .bueno es muy lindo esa tradicion ,pero para mi todos los dias es el dia de accion de gracias ,que mas puedo pedir ,tengo paz amor fe y esperanza
    con mucho amor Hilda

  • By HILDA LIPRACE, November 23, 2010 @ 11:10 am

    Dear Mr. Paul M. Glaser.
    My life was always very sad, I knew I had parents who loved me and love me. I was a very abused girl but never told my parents. My adolescence was always very complicated with fear, shame, very retro. I lost many loved ones. it was not easy during those years. I always felt a hole in my heart, and though I had everything, health, parents who loved me…the gap was still in there. Today I am 48 years old and this gap is no more, in that in 1999 I gave my heart and my life to Jesus Christ. I began to pray and see miracles in my life and other people, at that time, I found the way, the light, faith, hope, no problems I can run away from, but they’re always there. I change the way I deal with them, I have friends, family or it can leave me without trust, but my Lord Jesus Christ is my friend and is always faithful to me and helps me in difficult times. When I had doors which were closed, feel your fire light, your peace, your love, as before my heart was like a puzzle where a piece was missing and that cornerstone Jesus came into my life and let it enter my heart and filled the gap and change my life. HE IS MY LIGHT, MY PEACE, MY LOVE.

    Thank you, Mr. Glaser for sharing God, bless you, bless me, those who are a lot like me; everyday is a blessing there is always something that God shows us, there is only this alert and take this blessing, everyday thank the Lord for what I have. In your country on 28th, if I’m not mistaken is a celebration day of thanksgiving. Well, it’s very nice that tradition, but for me every day is a day of thanksgiving, what else I can ask, I have faith peace, love and hope

    Hilda with love

  • By HILDA LIPRACE, November 23, 2010 @ 11:14 am


  • By sknash, November 23, 2010 @ 2:49 pm

    Dear Paul,
    How does one go about telling people how much they have mattered in their lives, albeit just a tiny part for some, a larger part for others? You just do it. For 15 years, a stepfather physical, emotionally, verbally and mentally abused me. It started when I was almost 2 and continued until I could do something about it. What does 15 years of abuse do to a child? It made this girl with no esteem, no good thoughts about myself. When someone says often enough you will not amount to anything, sooner or later, you start believing that monster. With the grace and hope of dear friends, I made it out of that hole. I had heroes, still do. You are one of them. I hope that does not make you uncomfortable, but its the truth. Having been to hell and back in my mind, I had choices much like you have discussed. I could choose to be bitter about life, whine about those years, or choose to make sure I do not become an abusing parent myself, look out for children in similar situations and also our older folks. I have taken the high road, and an example set by you. I will never solve the world’s issues, but if I can make one child feel they are worthy of this life. If I can make one older person know they are loved and never alone, then I feel I have accomplished something. And I never waste a minute to tell all of you and my friends how much you have meant to me and will continue to mean to me. I am grateful for the friendship, for surviving and climbing out of the dark hole. We are never alone on this walk of life. My faith, my friends, my family walk beside me.

    And by the way, it took a boss of mine to see I was losing ground and suggested I do something, seek counseling, which I did. To Jim, I am eternally grateful as that was the turning point in my life. I am not a bad person, I have amounted to something and am making my mark in this gave of life. I wish you all the best Paul during the upcoming holidays. May you and your family know the peace and blessings that you so deserve. Jakes is a lovely young man and I know you are proud of him. I am proud of both of you!! Love and blessings, Susan

  • By HILDA LIPRACE, November 24, 2010 @ 10:27 am

    querido Paul .gracias por este ida y vuelta.Susan yo la entiendo perfectamente pase por la misma situacion ,pero el que abusaba de mi era un vecino -de todo lo que nos ocurre en el pasado ,lo importante es el perdon ,yo perdone a esa persona que me realizo daño ,saben como uno se da cuenta cuando uno perdona.cuando recuerda ese tiempo y NO siente dolor en el corazon ,queda como un recuerdo nada mas ,hay tantas personas que estan sumergidas en sus propios infiernos y no saben como salir,y la llave es el PERDON .gracias señor Glaser ,gracias Pam .esto es maravilloso .espero que muchos cuenten sus historia y como encontraron la luz o que realmente con todo esto encuentren la luz el amor y la esperanza .ES HERMOSO VIVIR HAY QUE TOMAR DE ELLA TODOS LOS APRENDISAJES QUE LA VIDA NOS DA CADA DIA -

  • By heidi33, December 5, 2010 @ 9:26 am

    Like to share this with you . It is very difficult for me to talk about it but I will try.
    When I was growing up, I loved walking,swimming,dancing….. Then in 1989, I was teaching English abroad when a fever suddenly swept round the classrooms–it was a very virulent influenza virus that killed 30,000 people alone in England. It nearly killed me.

    When I was stuck in a hospital bed fighting between Life and Death, it was a frightening experience.
    Since that time, I learnt to appreciate each second, God gives us on this earth—-I appreciate the Sun, a snowflake, a drop of rain.
    When I was fighting for my life, my dream or wish was to go to the seaside–I love being near water. It took me 10 years to achieve that wish but I did it!! My mother hired a taxi and took me to the sea.

  • By infidelabumpkin, January 17, 2011 @ 12:43 pm

    i didn’t have a sad childhood, until the doctor told me that my grandmother whom i loved so much would succumb to cancer of the breast. she had a mastectomy and everyday i saw her getting thinner. this was scary because i was actually seeing her dying every day. i prayed. i asked Jesus to heal her. i learned to pray and i did not have peace right away, but i went on praying that Jesus grant me 30 more years for my grandma. i pleaded and begged in prayer. after a year my grandma was still alive. she survived and i was happy when the doctor suddenly said that the cancer was gone. or at least, was in remission.

    i did have faith that she would be healed. it was the innocent kind of childish faith but it worked because my grandmother survived more than 30 years. she died june 18, 1998 at 84 and yes, it was also cancer but i can say , that in all certainty i knew she lived for 30 plus more years because Jesus healed her. i respect people who do not believe in Jesus but this is a true story. my grandma was sick and went to heaven (or a better place, i want to believe) in june 18, 1998. i call that a miracle.

  • By Softly, February 27, 2011 @ 7:24 am

    A star falling,
    I make a wish.

    I bet the star falling wished it wasn’t falling.

    We people make people stars,
    let them rise, make them fall.

    I just wonder if anyone makes a wish as such a star is falling. Bet that they wished for something when that star was rising.

    Another star drops out of the sky on this warm august night, I wish on that grain of sand catching fire, no one get hurt tonight.

  • By hilly, February 27, 2011 @ 12:39 pm

    When I was 16 I had the first manifestation of a genetic disorder. Oh I’m not ill; it isn’t something that endangers my health. In theory anyway….but it had (has) a psychological effect. But as the doctors say’ no-one dies of it’…as far as they know. Maybe some women have committed suicide unable to deal with it? Because although it can and does affect men – it is far far worse for a woman to deal with.
    At least it is something that I can hide – not like the acne my best friend and that left her with scars even now! But this disorder has been there, hanging over every relationship I’ve ever entered into with a man – “what will he say when he sees….” “will he run away?” Some did – believe me. Leaving me feeling vulnerable.
    When I was 19 and at college I was going through a very bad time. (I should maybe have quit and done something else – but I’m stubborn!) I had a minor nervous breakdown – not helped by a man who “ran away” – and after I returned to college I went to a party. I danced with a guy, he was nice, I thought I could trust him. We went back to his room but when I said ‘no’ he didn’t listen. Date rape was not something we discussed – not even really ‘acknowledged’ in 1976. It took me a long time to get over it. Did I ever get over it? I don’t know. I trusted a couple of guys after that but….but never quite enough to trust them with the rest of my life.
    I say I never found a man worthy of fathering my child – I never found a man I felt I could trust with that much responsibility.

    That’s one of my stories. I have others. I have ups and downs. I have moments of joy in my life and moments when I considered finishing everything.
    I survived and I’ll survive now.

    Hey Softly. When I was a kid there was a song that was popular (Perry Como!) “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket never let it fade away…for love may come and tap you on the shoulder one starlit night…you’ll have a pocket full of starlight”

    I’m here waiting for my star.

  • By Softly, February 28, 2011 @ 4:29 am

    So there I am, it’s a cold night and the near full moon is casting a bright blue light through the canvas of the tent. With my woolly hat and socks on I have crawled into my sleeping bag. The batteries of my flashlight are dying fast and the cardboard box on my knees is getting heavy. There is a purring coming from the box and a soft paw is reaching for my finger. In the dim light I see something glistening and the purring becomes louder. MyoMyo is giving birth tonight, right here right now.

    It is like a bizarre X-Mass scene, the ox and ass are cats and dogs and no wise man here just a silly woman and a snoring man, no star of Bethlehem just a failing flash light.

    I can’t keep my eyes off this serene scene. MyoMyo does not seem to be in any pain just the need to push, she does not have the need for privacy, we are all family here. We are all welcome to watch and purr with her. Flow our wolf dog is falling asleep her head resting on the box, NaNa our white Alsatian want a better view and scoots on over, cats walk in and out of the box, there is grooming and purring and some snoring in this tranquil tent.

    What a gift to get on this cold night. Eventually I too fall asleep, but not before I found a save place for the box and its precious cargo, right next to my pillow covert by my woolly blanket to keep some warmth in and in the morning a proud mum shows me her four kittens, the look just like her, black and white, only a few sizes smaller.

    purring away Softly

  • By Softly, March 3, 2011 @ 4:50 am

    Just a little story of how I bumped into myself

    Judgment day

    Saw some chairs in a thrift shop, 6 chairs for half prize, a X-Mass sale of sorts. For that prize I thought they were very good chairs, sturdy chairs, chairs worth having. We had our dogs with us so six big chunky oak chairs would not fit in our small car. We decided to come back the Saturday before X-Mass.

    On our way back and all days leading up to Saturday I praised those chairs, there aesthetics, their quality, the craftsmanship, and how good they would look in our, yet to be build, kitchen.

    Me and dates are no match and I never realized that Saturday was X-Mass, save to say that the thrift shop was closed.

    After the holidays I went back, hoping the chairs would still be there, and they were. But the prize was back to the days before the X-Mass sale and suddenly my view of the chairs changed dramatically, I saw flaws where I had seen craftsmanship, I saw old where I had seen antique.

    The chairs did not change but my mind did. That is where clinging on and judging of leads you, on the seesaw of opinion, up or down, good or bad, like or dislike.

    Those chairs I did not take them home, but I did thank them for the lesson they taught, and that lesson I took with me free of charge.

    forever learning Softly

  • By JanetK, March 4, 2011 @ 10:25 pm

    Hello Everyone,
    Sometimes, like tonight, I am having problems accessing the links. Usually there are several – but not tonight. This is the only one. So, I’m coming from here.

    F.Y.I., I have had a terrible cold – for over a month. I go without with out sleep all too often. I’m spending 60+ hours awake several times in the past few weeks. So, I’m “not all here”. Even my brain hurts. So if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them. What I’m doing is not working. The Docs says it is a viral infection so I haven’t taken any antibiotics.

    Hilly, yes I do have a blog and will send you the information. I might be able to sleep soon so I’ll send it later.

    Marley, thanks for reminding we are all here to share. I appreciate it and now feel more welcome.

    I ‘m here because I enjoy the comments and sharing. First Paul gives us an idea to work from and everyone does. The comments are thought and soul searching. With every thing I have going – just as everyone else – I find they help me stay in the present. If not, I will tumble back into the past or try to roll too soon into the future. I need to live in the here and now. The future isn’t here yet and by the time “it” gets here – “it” will be different. It seems that life have a mind of it’ own. My goals are just a starting point. By the time I get there – it’s different and I’m okay with it.

    I truly understand the hopelessness many have wrote about – starting with Paul. There was nothing I could do or say – or not do or say – that would have helped my marriage. I regret I stayed so long trying, at least I do not concern myself with what I did or didn’t do. Granted 20 years is a bit long – but it’s over and done I’m in the same situation with my Mother’s Dementia. I have little options but to give it my best effort and it will be what it is. I am truly powerless in this situation too. I still don’t like it – but that is what it is. I have argued with the sun and spit into the wind far to long.

    Life is wonderful. It’s often difficult. By accepting I’m powerless – is actually a relief. After that 20 years – knowing I did all I could – I’m okay with it. It’s really hard when I spend time and effort trying to make something – that isn’t. So with Mother, I’ll do my best with the information I have. Yes, I am grieving as she has lost so many memories already. I tell her, others – but mostly myself that I will remember for her. It’s all I can do that makes any sense.

    I’m ordering my tickets for H.H. the Dalai Lama’s visit in May. They are not as much as I feared. The entire NW Arkansas Community with others state wide – are doing a great job preparing for it. I’ll let you know how it goes. I so wish all of you could join me.

    Thank you for your time and effort in reading other’s bog and responding to it. I truly appreciate all of you and what you do.



  • By patricia, April 20, 2011 @ 10:26 pm

    To share is wonderful ! Whatever our religion, color of skin, nationalities we are one. Love and respect everyone as a part of yourself beacuse you’re a part of everyone and Everyone is a part of you. It’s all for LOVE. God bless you all !

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