Put on your other set of glasses.

I see there’s a bit of a battle being waged on this site. My question is; aren’t we all looking for the same thing? I mean, yes, there other different things different people are looking for at different times, but at the end of the day, (or night), aren’t we all looking for the same thing? My answer is ‘yes.’ That’s my answer. It doesn’t have to be yours. I’m not espousing some universal truth. I’m trying to describe…and it is myongoing process of learning and discovery….MY universal truth. What feels right to me. What makes me curious and awed by this phenomenon called existence. If it resonates with others, well and good. If it doesn’t, then it was fun telling and reminding myself about it.

I don’t propose to know anymore than anyone else. I only know what I know and what I’m learning. It doesn’t make me good or bad or right or wrong. It’s just another reality…my reality which I choose to share with any who want to partake.

What would be cool is if those of you finding yourselves embroiled in this flap would  take a giant step back. (Take another, they’re free.), And from this wider perspective, where you can still see the other person, can you also see yourself taking yours position? See your mind preparing all those definitions and judgments to defend against your fear.

Fear of what? I don’t know. It just occurred to me, but I’ll take a guess with the option to delete.

Fear of being wrong…of not knowing…fear of being uable to trust your heart, your senses, your experience of your existence which tells you what you KNOW with your being, not what you think/believe you know in your mind. Yes, they are seemingly two different realities constantly at war with one another.

( I was having an interesting conversation with a friend and we were trying to identify that huge part of the brain that we don’t use. I thought, maybe that’s the place where we all dream…a portal into this multi-dimensional universe in which we exist. Maybe in other incarnations…in other ‘versions’ of us in other dimensions, this is the evolved part that communes with the waft and flo of existence. Was it Shakespeare who suggested that we spend this life like squirrels scurrying after nuts to store for the winter and it is only in sleep that we experience our connection to all that is? Maybe not Shakespeare…but he was going in that direction).

So we defend against that fear by forming judgments, alliances with others with common beliefs, (it helps if they look like us in some comforting way or other), and of course, identification with those beliefs. This is the mind’s way of rationalizing its relevance to these ‘serious’ conflicts.

Well, they are serious, aren’t they? They’re about what  you believe is important, true, right, wrong….oops…there’s that ‘judgment thing’ again.

Question; Does a belief linger? Does it resonate in the senses? Having a belief definitely resonates in the senses; pride, security, loyalty, honor,…but the belief itself? Is its life entirely dependent on our minds ability to repeat, enthrone, solidify and litmus test its existence?

What about what we experience with/in our senses?  Those stay in the tissue longer. A lot longer. Muscle memory? What about that which feels so good, so true, so comforting and reassuring, even eternal: love? Do we feel love in our mind?

We feel it in/through our senses. Our mind interprets it, maybe even gets a little drunk on the endorphin rush, or suicidal from the percieved loss of, but ask your mind where to go to find it and like a good dog after a buried bone, it visits all past and recorded occasions of bliss in an attempt to feel it again.

It doesn’t work that way.

Ah! I’m opening that damn can of worms again.

This experience of our existence has absolutely nothing to do with right,wrong, good, bad. Granted, because we are such dangerous beings to one another, we need a moral cage of rules and regulations to keep us under control…and we  have invented all kinds of cages…

Our experience of our existence…maddening as it may be to our minds…is to be experienced...or in short;to be…as in felt. Not known, or catalogged, measured and weighed…but felt.

So I ask you. In your deepest sense of yourself, of your hearts, after our minds have had their day judging and defending and labeling things right or wrong, fair or unfair and whatever, after that, when we ask ourselves what we really know that we want…and in that knowledge we also know that everyone at their core wants,…it is love. To be loved, to love, to belong eternally, to know that part of ourselves that goes on long after our bodies have called it quits.

We all want the same thing, same store. You take the high road, I’ll take the low road. You take your car, I’ll hoof it through the woods. Different ways of getting to the same place.

So, I propose that we view each others different ways, beliefs, ideas with more curiosity. Not just curiosity in all the different ways, but curiosity in ourselves and our own process of holding on, attaching, afraid to let go of any or all of the beliefs that our minds would have us identify with.

I believe…yes I said it…that when, in the face of fear, we  identify with the fear, (and try to defend against it), we can also identify with  that part of us that sees us doing this and if we look closely, sees others doing it at the same time.

We all want the same thing. We all want to ‘get there.’ The journey of life is filled with so much that we bridle at the suggestion that we are already there…meaning ‘here.’ And we certainly don’t want anybody telling us how to get there. Although we never pass up the opportunity to share in the comfort of someone telling how they got there.

Sometimes we settle for the distraction of anger, hate, because we’re afraid to acknolwedge the root presence of our fear (underneath our anger, impatience…etc.).for fear that the fear will destroy us. But hey, didn’t we just say we were already ‘afraid’ to go there? Where? To ‘afraid.’ We’re already there!



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