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There’s something very gratifying about finding your purpose in life and being able to share it. ‘Chrystallia and the Source of Light’ is easily my most personal creation to date and I look forward to getting it out to you. Pmg


  • By Nora, December 22, 2009 @ 9:05 pm

    Hola Paul, soy Nora de Argentina… espero estar en el lugar correcto… esto es nuevo para mi.
    Me he quedado sin palabras, esto me agrada mucho, es raro, es lindo, cuando leí algunos comentarios en este sitio, me paresió increible, que tu, Paul respondas o dialogues en este blog, para mi es algo increible, me llena de emosion, el comentario inicial, esos recuerdos, muy paresidos a mis recuerdos solo que sin nieve por estos lugares, pero tan maravillosos como los tuyos Paul, y es sierto, es nuestro tesoro, los recuerdos y la esperanza que sigue aquí en nuestro presente.
    el idioma me limita un poco para mantener una conversacion logica.. pero solo yo y mi locura pueden mas que mi sensatez para no hacer esto, dialogar contigo, y otras tantas personas alrededor de este maravilloso planeta.
    perdon si el mensaje no se entiende bien, lo que quiero espresar es que tengo mucho cariño por ti, tus palabras dan mucha luz a mis pensamientos, y cada dia aprendo un poco a ser mejor con mis semejantes.
    tu eres el mejor, montones de cariños,
    Pardon for not writing in English…

  • By anne, December 24, 2009 @ 3:34 am

    Dear Paul Michael…
    Just a little message to wisch you a merry christmas and an happy new year…
    My english isn’t very good. I hope that you will understand me… I wisch the best for you and your family…
    J’ai vu que vous apprenez le français? Quelle chance, vous comprendrez peut-être mieux en français alors…
    Je vis en France et j’ai 2 jeunes enfants (David, 4ans et Nathan 2ans). Merci pour vos messages plein d’espoir. J’apprécie vraiment votre philosophie de la vie, quel plaisir de vous lire. Je pense que le plus important, c’est l’amour. Aimer les autres, c’est plus fort que d’être aimé (to love is more important that to be loved… (oh my God, sorry for my english, it’s terrific…lol)

    Paul, Je vous souhaite de bonnes fêtes, à bientôt
    Anne XXX

  • By noia29, February 6, 2010 @ 12:24 pm

    To P.M.G. …
    I’ve been watching this blog for a few weeks. I haven’t commented yet but first of all I was a little sad to see that this blog hasn’t really gone into your books at all. I can be kind of bitter about people/society, but I’m just going to say up front that I think a lot of people comment here to get your attention. That’s why I’m disappointed. I was really excited to hear about your upcoming books (I thought that was the key subject of the blog) and to hear about how it has been for you–the obstacles you have come to–trying to make the transition between being an actor to being a full-fledged serious writer. I don’t know…. Maybe in the future you could tell us a bit about your books and your new adventures of being a writer…????

    Most sincere,

  • By michaela804, February 6, 2010 @ 1:25 pm

    Yes? I am also curious. When will “Chrystalia and the Source of Light” be available in stores or online? And do you have any idea yet when the seond and third books might be due?

  • By sagacity, February 6, 2010 @ 1:47 pm

    You describe your book as “easily my most personal creation to date.” In what ways do you feel that to be most true? And would you compare your work or your style to any classical (or contemporary, for that matter) author? In other words, which writer or writers (either from the “greats” or the “to dates”) have shaped the way you write or the way you see the world? And how have those factors contributed to the development of this first book?


  • By Laertes, February 6, 2010 @ 3:09 pm

    How long has this project/these projects been in the making and is there a website in the works for CHRYSTALLIA AND THE SOURCE OF THE LIGHT?


    (And, by the bye, is there any signifacance to the name “Sitmoia”? Just curiois.)

  • By test1, February 17, 2010 @ 1:36 pm

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  • By Softly, March 21, 2010 @ 3:26 pm


  • By ezart, May 25, 2010 @ 11:59 am

    Interesting in following the progression of your blogging how I find myself challenged in perceptions and self. Your blogs while appearing to answer much actually raise more questions for me. However, that is the nature of exploration.

    I am looking forward to your publication. You have continually challenged yourself to being successful in the arts. I am sure that this endeavor will show us yet another facet of your depth and abilities.

  • By Zara, June 11, 2010 @ 8:47 am

    Hi Paul and Everyone .

    Just a few more of my humble lines to add to what i posted up earlier today …

    Like the River flows in sweet surrender into the Ocean

    This Divine love/this Benevolence /this Grace/Streams towards us /Moves through us /in Union with us together in Oneness/to assist/ Heal and helps us grow in Maturity /in Understanding/Enlightenment .. Co-Creators with the Divine

    The Divine Light /Love /Compassion Healing like the River Flowing with the thinking mind acting as just a Bridge of Connection between the Higher and he Lower Planes ..

    The thinking Mind harnessed controlled from its restless wanderings …in surrender too the Higher Plane/s / thoughts transformed in service too in submission too ..God the Divine the Universal level of Being ..

    That thinking mind transformed …becomes that Bridge of understanding connecting helping us to make sense of it all

    The thinking Mind is not the real person ….. the Soul is not the real person either…… it is the Spirit within that sits in its Illuminated State of Enlightenment /Bliss /Peace in Silence /in Love /in Wisdom and flows through ones very being ,this inner Presence..Radiant Rays shining outwards .Blessing all it touches in all manner of ways …the light beams forth ..the dark shadows fade…. like a bright beacon in the night .. light shines illuminating the pathway ahead …drawing to it / embracing / connecting …self realisation ..oneness of being …

    A Further thought Death is just an Illusion in my humble Opinion ……a Gateway in which to pass through to ones true Home above in which to return .. when the Earth Plane work is complete

    My Blessings to you Paul……. and to all on this thread ….especially to all those that are in loss of their loved ones … and those currently in Pain and Suffering ….

    May some of the Love i feel within me some of the light somehow touch and heal you all… and make your pathway easier …..

    Blessings to you all

    Much Love and [{{{Healing Hugs]]]] to you all

    Zara XXX

  • By OnceNefarious, June 15, 2010 @ 10:02 am

    To whom it may concern,

    I respectfully ask that you take action against those followers of your blog who bully those who offer opinions which do not coincide with theirs. It is inexcusable for one to be put in the position of this sort of harassment simply because he/she places comments on a PUBLIC site.

    I agreed to leave this blog, as was demanded, and to not participate in this blog anymore, yet people still persist on following me elsewhere on the internet to harrass me. Please delete my name and information from your records, if possible, as it seems that I do not have the ability to do so.

    Below is a copy of the kind of harassment/insults to which your visitors are subjected. You may delete it after reading if you wish, but I am asking you to take seriously the nature of the inappropriate behavior taking place here. These people are not “sharing their thoughts,” they are demanding that others think as they do under the penalty of retaliation. That should not be acceptable.

    Thank you for your time.


    One of you posted this in my LiveJournal inbox.

    — amboysmoll wrote:
    > I sit silently and contemplate the ideas that Mr Glaser offers. I enjoy seeing intelligent debate of his ideas. But I never comment there.
    > “Intelligent”, that’s the word I want you to hold on to.
    > You see, you and your friends seem to think that you are being very clever, you have infiltrated this blog for your own reasons and then insulted the regular contributors.
    > You don’t need to comment there. You obviously are not interested in the philosophy behind the ideas. In fact I wonder if you have ever even thought about philosophy. Don’t mind me – I just have a PhD in it.
    > Why do you need to continue to attack?
    > Why can’t you just respect your friend’s attempt to explain why she told you about the blog; accept that you have been insulting and inappropriate, and leave the others alone?
    > Sincerely
    > Elvira P Madrigal
    > PhD

    You people, in your misguided notions that you are somehow authorized to judge, control, and censure those who log on here. I signed off and left this site, per your demands. The problem seems to me that in continuing to harass and harangue someone wha has, essentially, given your way, there must be some assumption or sense of guilt on your part.

    Leave me alone.

    What right have you to harass me simply because you do not like what I have said? You assumed I am someone I am not, made false assumptions and allegations, then attempted to continue your campaign of bullying AFTER I LEFT THE SITE AS YOU DEMANDED.

    I have nothing to prove. I am sorry you feel you do; however, you have made the gross miscalculation that everyone with whom you do not agree must somehow be lumped into one category based on a statement made by one person.

    Enough already.

  • By Softly, July 7, 2010 @ 3:26 am


  • By Nora, July 20, 2010 @ 7:02 am

    Today in Argentina we celebrate the day of Amigo.
    I sent him: Letter to a Friend (Jorge Luis Borges)
    “No puedo darte soluciones para todos los problemas de la vida, ni tengo respuestas para tus dudas o temores, pero puedo escucharte y buscarlas junto a ti.

    No puedo cambiar tu pasado ni tu futuro.
    Pero cuando me necesites, estaré allí.

    No puedo evitar que tropieces.
    Solamente puedo ofrecerte mi mano para que te sujetes y no caigas.

    Tus alegrías, tu triunfo y tus éxitos no son míos.
    Pero disfruto sinceramente cuando te veo feliz.

    No juzgo las decisiones que tomas en la vida.
    Me limito a apoyarte, a estimularte y a ayudarte si me lo pides.

    No puedo impedir que te alejes de mí.
    Pero si puedo desearte lo mejor y esperar a que vuelvas.

    No puedo trazarte límites dentro de los cuales debas actuar, pero sí te ofrezco el espacio necesario para crecer.

    No puedo evitar tus sufrimientos cuando alguna pena te parte el corazón, pero puedo llorar contigo y recoger los pedazos para armarlo de nuevo.

    No puedo decirte quién eres ni quién deberías ser.
    Solamente puedo quererte como eres y ser tu amigo.

    En estos días ore por ti…
    En estos días me puse a recordar a mis amistades más preciosas.

    Soy una persona feliz: tengo más amigos de lo que imaginaba.

    Eso es lo que ellos me dicen, me lo demuestran.

    Es lo que siento por todos ellos.

    Veo el brillo en sus ojos, la sonrisa espontánea
    y la alegría que sienten al verme.

    Y yo también siento paz y alegría cuando los veo
    y cuando hablamos, sea en la alegría o sea en la serenidad, en estos días pensé en mis amigos y amigas
    y, entre ellos, apareciste tú.

    No estabas arriba, ni abajo ni en medio.

    No encabezabas ni concluías la lista.

    No eras el número uno ni el número final.

    Lo que sé es que te destacabas por alguna cualidad
    que transmitías y con la cual desde hace tiempo
    se ennoblece mi vida.

    Y tampoco tengo la pretensión de ser el primero,
    el segundo o el tercero de tu lista.
    Basta que me quieras como amigo.

    Entonces entendí que realmente somos amigos.

    Hice lo que todo amigo: Ore…
    y le agradecí a Dios que me haya dado la oportunidad
    de tener un amigo como tú.
    Era una oración de gratitud: Tú has dado valor a mi vida…”

    From my heart to you,
    Nora (Argentina)

  • By Misa Misa, July 30, 2010 @ 10:58 pm

    Dear Paul, when is your book coming out and will you do a signing ? I will come and bring my shinigami Rem. You won’t be able to see him though.

  • By Nora, September 21, 2010 @ 6:26 am

    Hola Paul,

    Hoy cambia la estacion climatica… (uufff que frace :) ) por estos lugares comienza la Primavera, se que por ahí el Otoño, (claro… no estoy diciendo nada extraño jaja) el tema que es la estacion mas bella del año en cada Emisferio… y siempre se le dedican fraces lindas a los amigos y yo queria regalarte una a tí a Pam y a todos en este Blog…

    “No te rindas, por favor no cedas, aunque el frío queme, aunque el miedo muerda, aunque el sol se esconda, y se calle el viento, aún hay fuego en tu alma, aún hay vida en tus sueños. Porque la vida es tuya y tuyo también el deseo, porque cada día es un comienzo nuevo, porque esta es la hora y el mejor momento.” (M.B.)

    Espero te agrade, es una manera de estar cerca siempre, todo mi cariño Paul, gracias por tu Luz, aprendo despacio… pero mucho con tus palabras.
    Gracias, un gran abrazo desde mi alma..
    Nora (de Argentina) ;)

  • By hilly, January 17, 2011 @ 4:28 am

    I decided to post this here…it isn’t a part of any particular debate; it is where I am now and why.

    There are many reasons why I’m hurt and unhappy right now. And when I hurt I lash out. My patience threshold is low and I find it hard to suffer fools gladly – if at all.

    And I have the humility to include myself in the fools.

    Fool enough to think that in expressing a counter-view I would not be subjected to criticism and insults. Fool enough to think that a place of debate and learning would be visited by those who wished to debate and learn and not by those who came in search of a comfort to their narrow beliefs.
    I don’t purport to have the answers…if I did I wouldn’t be wondering how I’m going to pay for the new set of tires my car needs – a car on which, living in a village without facilities, I am totally reliant.
    I’d be rolling in it. Self help bestsellers at the top of every list! But I doubt that it would take away the hurt and the unhappiness that I’m feeling now.
    I have been told that others have been hurt by what I say; found me rude; found me intolerant.
    If that is the case – I’m sorry that they saw it in that way but I’m not going to trim my cloth to suit their sails.
    Does it occur to them that I felt the same? That I felt that remarks aimed at me were rude? Intolerant?
    Are they willing to acknowledge that and apologise?

    We all “interpret” what we see and hear…that’s life and the learning process most of us are in. That is our individual responsibility…not the other’s; it is up to you to take what I say as you do – not up to me to phrase it to suit your needs. And vice versa. I have detected ‘preaching’ and condemnation in the responses to what I said – I reacted and therefore it seems I am in the wrong…but what about the other?
    But to continue in that vein is to waste one’s time; each rebuttal is grist to the mill of the antagonist. It’s a 2-way stretch; it takes 2 to tango….blah blah.

    In a way I am happy for those who just ‘believe’; who don’t question. They have nothing to fear. They are ‘right’ theirs is the ‘truth’ and they don’t have to put any energy into inquiring into our place in this random group of beings living on this relatively insignificant lumpy rocky stuff spinning around in one of many universes that no-one has yet found a way of explaining. They can take comfort from their belief in a 7 day wonder carried out by a genial god…a genial god who then turned on the first to question… but no, I’m not going to argue any points about that.

    But I am also unhappy for them. How can anyone go through life without curiosity?
    I may not respect those ideas but I do respect their right to believe them…so why can’t they respect my right to disagree with them?
    But I can’t won’t and don’t accept such a limited approach for myself. I am blessed (cursed?) with an enquiring mind. I am a perpetual student of life.

    I need to learn. I have always read widely; I was educated to do so. To question – yes even when I was at a school run by Dominican nuns. I was taught to sieve the information; to weigh up the pros and the cons, not just find the bits that suited my argument…and sorry I tend to quote what I read to back up my arguments. If this is ‘patronising’ then so is school.
    I was taught to define; to use language as accurately as I could – if I harp on definitions it is because of that need to be sure that there is no misunderstanding. Maybe that’s the student of linguistics (developmental and applied) and the ex-EFL teacher in me.

    In my wanderings and reflections the word ‘if’ occurs more often than some may care to notice.
    It’s a big word…if
    permit me to quote myself:

    >b>If I’m wrong and I end up in front of an old man with a beard on a cloud….

    If there is a god – a creator….

    See, I can question and I even allow the possibility that I’m wrong.

    So why won’t others allow me the right to that.

    I’ve been an Agnostic for a long time. I went through a period of Atheism but in the end my need to put a name to the spiritual force that I seek makes me accept the possibility of its existence…I just choose not to identify it as ‘God’.
    To be told that this is lazy was such an anathema to my mind that I lost control; lashed out and although I am only verbally violent (my meaow is worse than my scratch)that person risked a physical slap on the face if we had met in person.

    Why must I be told that I ‘hate’ those other beliefs?

    I don’t. (I know, some will tell me I do – they are the ones who can’t accept that I know what I’m thinking better than they do. That ‘that‘s how it comes across’…to you, not to me)
    What I do hate is what some of them have come to stand for. The lies and hypocrisy that are perpetrated in the name of a good and wise and well-meaning and non-vindictive teacher…Jesus of Nazareth. I may not believe that ‘he’ was one person or that he was a ‘son of god’ or a messiah…but I do accept him as a teacher in the world up there with the Buddha and Confucius and Mohammed and Zoroastra and a few more. I equally ‘hate’ the evil that is being done in the world by some of the followers of Mohammed – but I don’t hate Islam either.
    There are examples of this in every one of the religions out there .

    Maybe hate is the wrong word…I ‘hold in contempt’…that’s better.

    Both Islam and Christianity have teachings of peace and …it is something that some of their followers forget sometimes. The power gets in the way.

    They are both but small sects within a monotheist philosophy with roots in what? Judaism? The teachings of Zoroastra (one of the first to reject polytheism in what in our western arrogance we sometimes call the ‘cradle of civilisation’…or something far earlier? And who is to say that the polytheists are wrong. If you are so in need of a god why not have one for each category?

    So in my misery and my hurt and my confusion I went for a walk – my meditation, my attempt to clear my mind and reflect.

    I walk alongside a beautiful river – the Rhône. I walk where it runs between two beautiful medieval monuments. On the one side Avignon, dominated by the palace built to house the medieval popes (see there is some good there!). On the other side is a fortress built by Philip the Fair…to protect France from the States on the other side of the river (Avignon, the papal state; the kingdom of Provence and the domains of the Catalonian lords.)
    The sky was blue, reflected in the river. The sun was shining and warm. The birds were singing. People were out there enjoying this wonderful place.
    I found myself meditating on this idea that we have to explain our universe. Why? Why can’t we just accept that we are, as I said above, the inhabitants of a rock spinning in one of many universes? Why do we have the arrogance to think in terms of a ‘possibility’ that there are other inhabited planets out there? Why do we assume that we are the only ‘intelligent life form’?
    Are we so intelligent? We have this beautiful planet. To quote Joni Mitchell again: ‘Little garden planet, oasis in space, ….’ And in our ‘intelligence’ we have evolved and we have wrought nothing but destruction in doing so. Mankind has poisoned its home. Bitten the hand that feeds it. Poisoned minds against each other (“mine is the truth – you will rot”) Poisoned the atmosphere – we’ve made it worse in the last 150 years but from the first day that man lit a fire the pollution started. We have poisoned our water supplies – again this isn’t new; from the first time a human put ‘waste’ (I’m being as delicate as I can) into a river the pollution began. We have poisoned our soil. Again listen to Joni; “Your topsoil flies away…we pump ours full of poison spray”. We pump it full of poison in the theory that we will increase crops – but there are still millions starving to death out there. Incidentally, I’m quoting a song written for Ethiopia in 1999 but that was the 2nd great famine in Ethiopia in the past 35 years. Take the time to listen to that song…nothing has changed. In fact take the time to listen to the whole album…Dog Eat Dog – she was a very angry lady when she wrote those songs…I am not alone.

    I started to wonder what a visitor from another planet another universe would make of us.
    Well first I guess he (or she or it…what the heck) would fall out of his vessel laughing at the idea that we think we are the intelligent life form – he found us after all.
    What would he think of our need to build monuments to our existence (again scarring our plant with the mines and quarries we need to do so; ripping down our forests); be they houses or gravestones?
    What would he make of the (let’s call them tribes) that troop into a variety of buildings (churches, chapels, temples, mosques, synagogues, political halls) to listen to those speeches I mentioned above… “preaching love like hate” (That’s Joni again – Tax Free on the Dog eat Dog album). Or to carry out strange rituals – some of which appear to involve a form of cannibalism.
    Let me put this to you. What would you make of seeing someone wearing a tiny gold electric chair around his/her neck? See you are thinking outside the box…seeing it as my ‘other’ may see things. That isn’t my image by the way; it was Gore Vidal who suggested that if there had been electricity in Jerusalem 2000 odd years ago the symbol would be different.

    And what about that symbol? Doesn’t the image of a young man bleeding to death shock your sensitivity? Are you sure it is an image that should be on view to children….what ‘rating’ would it get in the movies (Mel Gibson apart!). I often ask myself ‘why don’t the Jews object to it the way the Moslems get so uptight about cartoons,’ I think the answer is that they have learned from generations of pogroms and persecution to ignore it and walk away.

    What would he say to hear speeches invoking love but preaching hate and hostility? (a website with targets over the opposition’s candidates?)
    What would he make of the inequalities that have resulted because there are those who feel they have a right to dictate the fertility of others?
    What would he make of our inability to accept that there isn’t an explanation other than ‘mine’?
    What would he make of our inability to accept that ‘my’ truth is right and ‘yours’ is wrong?
    “Where the wealth’s displayed thieves and sycophants parade; and where it’s made the slaves will be taken” (Dog eat Dog) What would he think of a society that can accept ‘bonuses’ while others are dying for lack of basic health care?

    I suspect he would shake his head in sorrow and incomprehension and get the hell out before anyone saw him and turned on him for being different.

    What I am trying to say here; what I am trying to express – making as much effort as I can to couch it in terms that won’t offend those who cannot accept challenges to their box. (To those waiting to be offended by what I say.)
    What I am trying to say is that we don’t know anything about our place in the universe.
    What I’m trying to say is that there is no one truth, no one definition…there can’t be, because we have no way of ‘proving’ it.

    When I was a kid I had a book that was written in the 19th century. It is probably banned from PC shelves now (naked babies swimming in full view of adults…oooooo!). “The Water Babies”.
    The author was a Christian (with a big capital ‘C’) and so there are those who cannot see this book as anything but a parable (just as they can’t see the Narnia chronicles for what they were…children’s adventure books).
    In The Water Babies the hero (the central character) comes into the sphere of two teachers.
    Mrs. Doasyouwouldbedoneby and Mrs. Bedonebyasyoudid

    We can all learn from them!

    In the New Testament it says : “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” (I quote the King James version – I prefer the poetry and the prose.)

    I have no stones……do you?

  • By hilly, January 17, 2011 @ 4:35 am

    Joni again…’Hejira’ (that journey towards knowledge again)
    “I met a man of spirit….
    ..and I sat before his sanity
    I was holding back from crying.”
    Mr Glaser – Paul – you come across to me as a man of spirit…(LOL I edited out a line I hope doesn’t apply to you!)
    I sit here and read your sanity; I don’t always agree with all that you say…but I am learning from where it leads me to go.

    I wish that on all who come to the shared thoughts; who come to this website for more than just the fan things that you can get elsewhere. To quote William Blinn for “the man, the actor, the human being.”

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