Why is what we don’t see any less important than what we do see?


First, I want to thank all of you for  your birthday wishes.  I appreciate the cares and thoughts.

Here are some that have occurred to me.


“I  don’t deserve to die!”  he  cried.

“You deserved to live,” came the answer, “why short-change yourself?”

What’s the difference between the idea of a table and the table itself?

We are not our bodies.

‘We’ . . . are our experience of them.

They say that I’ve got to believe in order to have faith, yet I can only believe if I can feel faith.

Can you see where we are going?

There’s a hardening, a stricture of boundaries and judgments

Set with evangelical fervor in an effort to control this helplessness that we are so avidly in denial of.

Of course it’s presumption to say that it is a “downward” spiral,

When it could just as easily be spewing our spinning energy out into an entirely new dimension.

That we can’t see.

I mean, we can see our host, our Mother Earth.

Being  used up by our exploding population.

War and disease continue to fail to cull the herd despite our ingenuity at killing and curing.

We see our oceans heave and our buildings fall.

We see our fellow man make the same mistakes over and over.

We see greed and fear have their way,

Till night overcomes the day.

We see our hopes dashed and drowned

Till we can’t hear the sound

Of our own heartbeat.

That’s the world without.

The world we’ve tried to own and control

With obsession and desire

And the pain of fire.

Isn’t there something else going on?

Someplace, some time, somewhere?

Something that we are as blind to as the tree

Now falling in a Russian forest?


Why is what we don’t see any less important than what we do see?




It ceases to exist?


  • By Pam, June 21, 2011 @ 10:47 pm

    This was an unfinished(?) ‘Shared Thought’ topic post by Paul..so there it is above for your reading, contemplating and enjoyment.

  • By Jo, June 22, 2011 @ 1:02 am

    I got quite scared reading this…..I’m glad you have explained that it is unfinished.

    I find that I don’t post here often. (In fact rarely) I don’t often understand “the message” that is out there and prefer to just live a simple life.

  • By Christine, June 22, 2011 @ 2:51 pm

    Hi Paul, I dropped by here to ‘see’ if there was any word from you. I have read your words a few times and can’t say that I totally ‘get it’ but the one thing that jumps out at me is the thought are you ok?.

    Why is what we don’t see any less important than what we do see? by PMG.
    Is it that in this life we always look for proof? We need to ‘see’ if you like, if we are loved, are we important enough to be thought of? or the question ‘ have I made a difference to him/her/them?’.
    Doesn’t everyone at heart want to be loved?.
    How many times have you heard someone say ‘If you loved me you would…..’ are we basically insecure human beings who need that proof? that stamp of approval?. The sad thing is we could search our whole life for that one special person to approve only to never have it happen. It may not mean he/she didn’t feel it or thought it, just that it was never said.

    Anyway it really is lovely to hear from you Paul. It brought a smile. :)
    Take good care,
    Christine xx

  • By Christine, June 22, 2011 @ 3:47 pm

    Oops just realised that although this was dated as a recent post from Paul, ie June 21st 10:44pm I just read your post Pam and wonder if this was actually written a while ago and has just been posted now?.
    Well its late and my brain is really tired lol.
    Sorry if I misunderstood!

  • By Pam, June 22, 2011 @ 4:28 pm

    Christine writes: “‘If you loved me you would…..’ are we basically insecure human beings who need that proof? that stamp of approval?. The sad thing is we could search our whole life for that one special person to approve only to never have it happen. It may not mean he/she didn’t feel it or thought it, just that it was never said.”

    As Oprah said once…’it’s alright not to have ‘approval’ of something as long as the love is there.”

    Your question about the post..it was written very recently just not posted till now. Nonetheless..its an interesting topic to think on…as all have been! I miss the frequency too, Christine…I miss the “Sharing” of Thoughts…the ‘self’ investigating that results from some of them..

  • By lidia, June 23, 2011 @ 12:39 am

    Dans la vie nous avons ce besoin d’etre aimé sachant peux-etre ,qu’une chose se dissimule derrière.
    Le quotidient de la vie de tout les jours,ce qui se passe autours de nous meme si nous essayons de les modifiers, nous restons quelques fois impuissants.
    Nous recherchons toujours cette amour, ce besoin d’etre aimé ou d’aimé,et certaines fois nous passons à coté d’évenements, que nous croyons sans importances car notre vision et de voir ce qu’on à envis.
    Ceci nous rend très vulnérables,nous pensons avec la tete, mais souvent c’est le coeur qui parle.
    Avec le temps les choses ne prennents plus d’importances.
    Merci et désolé de l’écrire en français,car mon anglais n’est pas assez bon.

  • By Pam, June 23, 2011 @ 1:03 pm

    And the initial comment had a typo..it’s supposed to read”:

    This was an unfinished ‘Shared Thought’ topic post by Paul..so there it is above for your reading, contemplating AND enjoyment.

    And yes, it is a finished piece! And it WAS posted for YOUR reading pleasure..PERIOD!
    So enjoy the read…
    I miss the topics too…

  • By Nadine, June 23, 2011 @ 2:37 pm

    Merci Pammy !!!!

    Ce blog reste trop ” Silencieux ” Les pensées de Paul nous manquent !
    Meme si ces pensées sont postées plus tard que leur creation c’est toujours avec beaucoup de respects et de remerciements que je les parcoure ! Revenir sur ce blog est toujours un plaisir pour moi !


  • By HILDA LIPRACE, July 2, 2011 @ 7:58 pm

    Hi Paul: learning to see, to know that what is essential is invisible to the eyes … God bless.

  • By HILDA LIPRACE, July 11, 2011 @ 5:58 pm

    SORRY …………. Pamela God bless.Hilda

  • By Pam, July 12, 2011 @ 2:11 pm

    Metabless you too, Hilda..peace in your life, your heart always.
    Take care…

  • By pilar, August 22, 2011 @ 10:23 am

    Dear Paul

    Nos creemos tan grandes y somos tan pequeños… un granito de arena en el universo.

    Imagino que quien ha contemplado la tierra desde el universo, habra experimentado la sensación de haber cruzado la puerta que lleva hacia el más alla, buscando respuestas a tantas preguntas que nuestra ciencia todavia no es capaz de responder.

    Imagino que desde esa visión fantástica de nuestra madre tierra, habiendo traspasado ya los confines de la tierra, alguien al igual que Sócrates desde la más absoluta humildad y reconociendo nuestra supina ignorancia, habra hecho la siguiente reflexión: Solo sé que nada sé.

    Un abrazo desde Barcelona.

  • By logical, November 12, 2012 @ 4:27 am

    While watching a conversation a certain conversation at Facebook, I realized how petty some of our concerns are. This writer is almost reaching half a century and here we are pounding keyboards over our eight year old crushes. It dawned to me that we aren’t eight year olds… the world groans – there are people in NYC without electricity for a week now; there are geological changes and quakes that seem to happen more often; we need more sources of solar energy because fuel is running out etcetera..

    Some nut allegedly claims that Paul Michael Glaser has died (I didn’t see that though) and I was angry. Very angry. When I get really mad, there is only one genius I rant to at Twitter (yes, I always do research even when mad). This made me realize that this seems nasty, but that it is something no one can do anything about – unless one sues and can wait for 20 years.

    I also wonder about PMG because his Facebook gets hacked, his Twitter also gets hacked and it (Twitter) isn’t verified. It seems impossible that one person would be forever thinking about him all the time and “plotting” to do all these things to him. The most probable reason is that he “forgets” his password, because that happens to me too.

    The conversation also made me think… how many years do we have at most? Well, 30-40, if we’re lucky. Maybe another century doing Tao-I-Chi exercises if we are super lucky. SO, what’s the point in spending time, bashing, suspecting each other looking at old pics that we loved when we were eight years old?

    Ergo, I would like to thank Pam Meserve for somehow “introducing us to each other”, taking care for eleven years (that’s what I read anyway) of the Paul Michael Glaser dot org website. About almost two years ago, Pam and I were in contact with each other as “foes” (well, sometimes friends) because I felt rather protective of PMG.

    Now, I realize that despite even news reports, she could be an innocent person who simply was doing the duty of a web-master. The thing.. is that without her efforts there would have been no gathering of “fans”, no blogsite and yes, she did a lot of favors for everyone who asked her as far as she was allowed. (I never asked her a favor btw).

    I have posted a short apology to Pam on my FB wall. I also want to apologize to her in public and wish that we realize that we have to stop all the negativity and remember that when we begin to gain an extra 20 lbs, we must be getting older and we should be steeped in gainful pursuits such as trying to improve the societies and communities where we live (and love in) wherever part of the world we happen to be. It is a pity that we could have done something more specifically substantial as a group – instead, we blew that chance Pam Meserve gave us because she loved (loves?) PMG.

    Pam, I am sorry. (you didn’t expect this, I know).


  • By Pam, November 27, 2012 @ 8:43 am

    Thank you, I do appreciate the gesture of peace. Hopefully, one day, we can all share an understanding with true open hearts and minds and less judgmental, quick to execute me feelings. After all, Chrystallia IS about ‘finding your way home’..’finding your heart’..I still have hope that the author of that novel will actually live, demonstrate his own words with out stretched hands the good messages written on those pages. This is not to say that I don’t understand the emotions and feelings of his fans, because I do, surely I do, more than anyone can imagine.I loved my work..the good and the not so good…I was passionate about doing a good job for him and his ‘followers’…I still am..just not a fan of the dishonesty and stuff I have been subjected to; it has indeed, changed my life in ways you can’t imagine there either! I have learned a lot!

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