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"I hope that you choose ultimately to follow your heart, and learn that whatever your plans, your goals, your dreams, life will take you in directions you haven't even dreamed of. Be open to the path not chosen, the door unopened, welcome your fear, and the choices that allow you that fear....Through all the changes, through all the disappointments, the unexpected turns, the victories, and the pain, the losses that you will experience, there will always be a constant, along with your breath, there will always be one thing that you will know, that you have the ability to choose your heart."
"I hope you never stop asking the questions, who am I? Who do I want to be? For it is in the asking that we define ourselves. So go out there and confront your dragons, and you may find that they are angels in disguise, and that your ability to embrace them will define you in ways you never thought possible."
Paul Michael Glaser, 1998 ,Tulane Commencement Address

"When people look in my direction, I'd like them to understand that they have the same power and ability that I have. My life and my journey are an example" PMG~ Hello magazine, 1996.

"Our ability to love is our truest power, our greatest power as human beings." Paul Michael Glaser

?To give, to acknowledge another?s existence, acknowledges our own. It acknowledges our common bond as living beings. It acknowledges that we journey together. It acknowledges the unique struggle that each of us has as humans, that all of us share in this life. It allows us to experience our compassion for each other and for ourselves. When we do that, we open our hearts and know love. When we know love, we know why we exist.?
- Paul Michael Glaser
from the book Santa?s Gift, by Jeffrey W. Comment
This is a wonderful book by Jeffrey W. Comment. I highly recommend that you get a copy. 100% of proceeds are donated to the EGPAF.

About Elizabeth: "Elizabeth was vital, strong, and passionate, and was a tremendously huge part of my life. she taught me so much about love. I carry that experience of her with me every day." PMG. Hello magazine, 1996

Paul: "My whole journey with life and death?I have learned more, grown more, gotten to places that I never would have gotten to. So that?s a good thing, you know?and it?s something I feel really good about." vh1- Acknowledgement

Paul -"I had dreams of being a great theater actor. I thought, 'I'll never go Hollywood.' Well, maybe I'd do a film, but I'd never live there." He has lived in California now for over 30 years!

Paul-"It alludes to my own need to be perfect. That's probably my biggest problem, the need to know everything, and to be the best at everything - the best actor, the best friend, the best lover, etc. Every time I fall short I kick myself around the block, I set very high goals for myself, and it's not fair to me."

-Paul-"Being a celebrity forces me to get in touch and stay in touch or at least try to more than I ever did before. So you don't lose yourself, don't lose your balance."

-Paul- (in 1977)?"my biggest concern about this series, Starsky and Hutch, and the success of it, is that I may lose my dreams. Dreams are what make you take chances. What I want most to do in my future work is to communicate with people."

One dream is to play Richard III. "He's one of my favorite characters. Not just as Shakespeare wrote him but as Shakespeare wrote him juxtaposed with his actual historic self - a great man who has been made to look very evil and the only cognizance of his immortality is Shakespeare. I would like to play him to the heights of comedy against the heights of despair and come up with some very real humanity."

Paul-(1976)-"This Houdini film is a step in the right direction," he says, "it gives the industry a chance to see me do something besides Starsky. And that's what I need. Naturally I prefer to make movies because an actor can paint on a larger canvas. There's more money, more selectivity and fame in movies. But I try to keep in mind that movies are a director's medium, television is the producer's medium and the theatre is the actor's medium. And there is a great deal of conflict involved between the three."

Paul appeared in The 70s: The Decade That Changed Television, an ABC program exploring the role of television within American society. Paul was interviewed for the section on 1970s cop shows, and his comments about Starsky and Hutch included the following: "I think that in the relationship of these two characters, people found a tremendous amount of trust and dependency on each other and the fact that, in the midst of this chaotic world, such a relationship could exist."

One of Paul's dream's is to play Richard III. "He's one of my favorite characters. Not just as Shakespeare wrote him, but as Shakespeare wrote him juxtaposed with his actual historic self - a great man who has been made to look very evil and the only cognizance of his immortality is Shakespeare. I would like to play him to the heights of comedy against the heights of despair and come up with some very real humanity." S&H Monthly

One of Paul's goal-"Learn as much as I can, be at peace as much as I can, and teach as much as I can. "You only go around once," he says. "You have to aim high." Tulane Magazine

About Paul, David, Starsky and Hutch....

PAUL: "The show was about friendship. That's why. It was about friendship. After all is said and done, that's really what it was about. And to whatever extent that David and I were playing cops and tried to give cops a more humanistic portrayal than they had received up to that point, you know, that we filled that world with as much humanity as we could. But it was about friendship. It was about...

DAVID: "Yes, very much so."

PAUL: ... how we cared about each other." .............Deborah Norville Interview, March, 2004

PAUL: David discusses - I argue. David has taught me a lot. He's understanding, intelligent, and a fabulous human being. He has his weakness-but so do I. But with him I have the kind of relationship I've never had in my entire life. I find myself being jealous of him at times-and yet rooting for him to succeed more than anything. what we have is a very special chemistry."

DAVID: Paul and I work together and we make the show better. we started with just changing scenes, Now we're into writing the entire scripts together.

We're not just a couple of TV cops. what we are is a pair of very human people who just happen to be cops. In other words, we're the kind of people you know, a pair of guys you are apt to find in everyday life whatever profession you happen to be in.

I think that has a lot to do woith the success of the show. We're just like the guys who live next door.... Photoplay Dec,1976

PAUL: At the time, I felt Starsky would be fun to play. He was a natural extension of my characterfrom Love is-someone capable of being charming, humorous and angry. I tried to create him as close to myself as possible- it was easier that way. Starsky was me and that was OK for a while"

"I wanted to grow and I could'nt do that on TV. It's a mediun for selling soap and violence, and it didn't give me the challenge I wanted." ...US oct 28th1980

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