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October 20, 2004

Other Guest Appearances

Shifting Baseline "Symphony"

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Their PSA kits have been sent to 1000 tv stations around the country where, at each individual station, the program manager watches it and decides whether it is of interest to the local audience. YOU can have an effect on this process by looking at the list of stations, finding your local station, calling them (you need to look up the number in your phone book), ask for the PROGRAM MANAGER, then say you heard about this PSA and would appreciate if they would air it.

They don't have the resources to make these calls themselves or even track down the phone numbers of stations, but any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Help save our oceans and keep them in pristine condition. Please visit their website, Shifting Baselines for more information on how you help.

Thank you for your support,

"Toy Story" Premier with Downtown Julie Brown

JB: Im standing here with Paul Michael Glaser

JB: Did you have a favorite toy when you were a kid?

PMG: (laughing,big smile)Yes, I did,I did..I did but I can't say it on television(continues to laugh)

JB: We're not talking about adult toys!

PMG: (snaps fingers; smirking) darn it!

JB: Well, well, if you could be a toy, what kind of toy would you be?

PMG: What a a... If I could be a toy.. what a great question. I've never thought of that kind of question. It's a stumper. The kind of question you really want to think about... I'd probably wanna be a real, real wonderful stuffed animal that someone would like to cuddle up to.

JB: Alright, well,I'll give you a cuddle righjt now(she & Paul hug) Thank you.

PMG: Thank you.

JB: God Bless

JB I didnt think it was great when I read it, but now I like it and I realize...

PMG We're both fans of that question.(he leaves)

JB: What a nice guy, just makes you want to squeeze him some more!

Public Service Announcement for Condems

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