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Sir Trevor McDonald: The award for the most popular drama, two actors who know all about popularity from 1977, only one person managed to knock them from the top of the ratings and she was celebrating her Royal Silver Jubilee. A pair of buddies, whose on screen chemistry had viewers hooked throughout the seventies. They fought crime and in those flared trousers, massive wind resistance on the streets of BayCity, soon to get the Hollywood treatment in a new movie starring Ben Stiller. Their action packed show captured viewers with high speed car chases, wawa guitar music, and one startling cardigan. (Sound of a car screetching to a halt) That'll be them, reunited for this evenings ceremoney. Ladies and gentleman, Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul, also known as "Starsky and Hutch!"

(loud cheers and applause)

Paul: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

David: Thank you, very much! Thank you!

Paul: thank you, thank you, thanl you! Very nice, thank you, thank you, thank you!

David: My, my, my, my!

Paul: My, my my!

David: my, my, how tiimes have chnaged, huh Paul?

Paul: (to David) Do you believe this?

David: No more chases in that striped red tomato!

Paul: That was my car!

David: Ya! No more flares.

Paul: Those are coming back, too, you know.

David: Ya, around your middle!

Paul: Our middle!

David: ha, ha, anyway, in the catagory...

Paul: Wait a second..

David: What?

Paul: Hold it! (pointing to stage model wearing Starsky's cardigan) Where did she get that?

David: What?

Paul: That's my sweater!

David: That's a cardigan.

Paul: Cardigan.

David: Yah, that's what they call it over here.

Paul: Oh!

David: Named after the Earl of Cardigan.

Paul: Well, I'll have to speak to Earl Cardigan about that, that there is my sweater!

David: I gave it to her!

Paul: You what!!!

David: It looks better on her than it does on you.

Paul: You know, you really have a lot of...

David: You'll, you'll get over it. Here, read that.

(a woman in the audience shoots out something to them)

David: You bet!

David: Read that!

Paul: Alright, in the catagory of most popular drama, the nominations are:

(clips of nominated drama's)

Paul: And the National Television Award goes to..( hands it to David)

David: "A Touch of Frost"! (a UK Detective Inspector series)

(acceptance speech by David Jason)

Paul and David walk off the stage.

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