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Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul Interview in Las Vegas with Merv Griffin, 1976.

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Merv: From the series ?Starsky and Hutch?, Hutch is here, David Soul!

This young man made his first appearance, television appearance with me sometime ago and we?ve remained good friends over the years and today he?s here to sing a couple of songs from his new brand album and this first one is a dynamite song, it?s gotta be a hit! Would you greet ?Hutch?, David Soul!

(David comes out and sings ?1927 Kansas City?)

Merv: David Soul! That is good, David. How did that feel, LIVE! People everywhere!

David: I?ve never been in, in Las Vegas.

Merv: You lie!

David: I swear to you. That?s the first time I?ve ever been here.

Merv: David and his lovely gal, Lynne Marta.

David: She?s right over there!

Merv: Is she? Where?re you hiddin? Lynn?

David: Over there.

Merv: Stand up, Lynn. The ladies have her stand up! Isn?t she pretty! Now wait till they get a picture. She was just in one of the ?Starsky and Hutch?s?.

David: Yah, as a matter of fact, she was on the episode that was the highest rated show in the last ten years!

Merv: (Takes a deep breath as only Merv can do) Good, well, do you want to be in this show a lot? David, it is the first time ever in Las Vegas. What do you think?

David: I don?t know what to think. It?s, it?s, we?re doing a ?Starsky and Hutch? here at the Caesar?s Palace?.

Merv: (Pointing to the audience) You?re on it right now, one of you is going to be killed! No, it?s really funny. It?ll just take a minute!

David: Our first episode takes place at Caesar?s Palace so I think Paul and I will be able to use that we?ve never been to Vegas before very effectively in the show.

Merv: Yah.

David: I don?t know quite what to think yet. It?s something I?ve never seen before.

Merv: It, the quality, I mean, when you come here to gamble and to see the shows doesn?t really relate to any other city in America. And that?s what they want. It?s glamorous and exciting and um?.

David: I don?t think I could take it for too long, frankly.

Merv: Try, believe me, try.

We?ll come back with David Soul after this message. David you?re gonna love this place.

(Back from commercial)

Merv: Obviously you?re gonna play the guitar. (Merv turns to his side and asks for David?s guitar please) Which song are you gonna sing for us?

David: It?s called ?Always Gonna Miss So Much?.

(Audience cheers when Paul, carrying the guitar hiding his face, walks on stage)

Paul: Your guitar!

Merv: Hello Paul, Paul Michael Glaser, ?Starsky?

Paul: Hello, thanks, hello, OK, bye! (Pretends to leave)

Merv: Come here! What are you doing here?

Paul: (Slowly) Well, I came? to? lay? down? a bet?!

Merv: That took a long time to say that!

Paul: I was working on the timing, but...

Merv: You came out here to lay down a bet?

Paul: Well, I was supposed to work, I came? I came here to... lay? down? a bet!

Merv: Bet. Wouldn?t you have more fun frisky ring side?

Paul: (Scans audience) Yah, looks pretty good. Feels pretty good too! Hello everybody! Actually, I came down here to lay a bet on number 2.

Merv: Is that your lucky number?

Paul: That?s our lucky number.

Merv: Yah... for the two of you, it sure is!

David: Our second year.

Merv: Have you known each other before the series?

David: Yah, we kind of ran into each other 8 years studying in New York, yah.

Merv: New York?

David: Yah, but only briefly. We kinda missed every time.

Merv: Were you surprised when?. Who was cast first?

David: I don?t think that?s imp?.

Paul: (Pointing to David) Blondie.

Merv: Big blonde?

Paul: Mm hmm... Blondie

Merv: (Laughs) Blondie. Blondie and darky!

Paul: Curly

Merv: Huh?

Paul: Curly.

Merv: Curly.

Paul: Curly.

David: And I read with a lot of people and when Paul came, it was just like that! (Snaps his fingers)

Paul: There was this loud click in the air and this pane of glass cracked.

Merv: You guys are kinda making a rule not to appear together off the show, Starsky and Hutch, in pursuit of other things, which is a good _______________.

Paul: Yah, to pursue our separate identities.

Merv: Right, now you?re in ?ding dong? school.

(Paul doubles over with laughter as the audience cracks up)

Paul: Ok Merv! (Paul pulls out a piece of rope from his back pocket)

Merv: OK, I?m gonna get it.

Paul: OK.

Merv: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Paul: Now, I just did a 2 hour movie called ?Houdini?, ?The Great Houdinis?

Merv: Who? Did you the great Houdini?

Paul: That?s right; I played the Great Houdini (applause)

Merv: Oh, isn?t that great! (More applause)

Paul: Thank you, thank you.

Merv: Do you know the the Great Houdini story? The true story with Groucho Marx?

Paul: No, tell it.

Merv: Groucho Marx was sitting in the front row of the Chicago Theater when Houdini was performing and he did one trick where he put all the razor blades and string in his mouth and pulled them out and everything would be strung perfectly on that thing. So he?d get someone out of the audience and unfortunately Houdini picked the great Groucho Marx, didn?t know who he was years ago. He said ?Come up here and would you please look in my mouth and tell the audience what you see. And Groucho Marx looked into his mouth and said ?Pyorrhea? (laughter). That was the end of Houdini?s act, is that in the picture?

Paul: We didn?t put that in the picture.

Merv: You didn?t put that in the picture?

Paul: No, we didn?t put that in the picture.

Merv: When is it on?

Paul: Ah, Halloween.

Merv: Halloween. Halloween is ah, is ah, ?All Hollows Eve.?

Merv: Very good!

Paul: (breathes heavily on Merv?s mic)

Merv: That way it has a ghost of a chance!

Paul: Yah.

Merv: You played Houdini.


Merv: And can you do any tricks?

Paul: Yah, I brought a couple of tricks along.

Merv: OK.

Paul: I might blow them both.

Merv: But if you do, we?ll see the movie.

(Paul prepares his rope)

Merv: What are you doing? You gotta have an act.

Paul: What am I doing? I?m tying a knot.

David: You gotta talk.

Paul: Oh, you gotta talk this through! Well, I?ve never done a magic act in front of a lot of people. Everybody, I?m tying a knot! (He shows the knotted rope) I?m tying two knots. This trick is gonna be so small, that unless the camera gets in real tight on me and the knot?

Merv: That?s how you get your close-ups, eh!

(Laughter all around. Paul laughs, turns and faces the curtain)

Merv: Come on, this is Vegas! They?re used to big shows. They pay a lot to get in here!

Paul: OK, ok, it?s television. Merv, come close, you?re the guy who, you?re the guy who?

Merv: What they pay is what they?re getting! Nothing! (Laughter all around)

Paul: (He works with his rope) OK, I hope to do this first. OK. Wrap this string around my thumb, like this. ..

Merv: Wrap the string around his thumb (Merv pretends to snore!)

Paul: Right. Right, now you see I got that little loop in there, now I make that loop a little smaller. The object is, take that knot and out it through the loop.

Merv: Smaller.

Paul: Now, if you look real close (laughs), especially you people in the back row up there. If you look real close, you?ll see it?s practically impossible... What camera are we on? Number tow, there?

Merv: This is a radio show; we don?t have any cameras!

Paul: Oh, OK.

Merv: Which camera do you want? (Pointing off stage) They are taking close up right there (points to front camera)

Paul: Right here. Tight. Merv, watch!

Merv: The lady with the brow!

Paul: Merv watch, watch, I?ve got acting to do!

Merv: Right.

Paul: (To David) Are you ready? You haven?t seen this either.

David: No, I?m watching.

Paul: OK. Ready? Huh, huh, three! Huh! (He finishes his trick)

Merv: Whatcha do?

Paul: It went through the loop!

(Laughter from David and the audience)

Merv: (Turns to audience) Is that unbelievable!? It went through the loop!

(Jokingly he encourages the audience to applaud. Laughter all around)

Paul rushes to show the front row people his rope.

David: Yeah!!

Merv: (Walks over to David) What was that he just did?

David: That?s it!

Merv: Is that it?

David: That?s it!

Paul: (Walks over to Merv and puts the rope around Merv?s neck) My next trick?.

Merv: No, Paul, you?re not a killer! Boy you guys, have given us some of the best drama!

David: Thank you, Merv.

Merv: Best entertainment on television.

Paul: Thank you.

Merv: And I?m glad to be able to congratulate you both. That is a great series! (Audience applauds: Paul waves to everyone and David takes a bow)

And right now, David you gotta get to work. (Paul shakes David?s hand, Merv points to Paul) We?re going to go and finish the poker game we?re playing back stage.

David: OK. (He shakes Merv?s hand)

Merv: And when you?re finished, hit a high note!

Paul: (pointing to the side of the stage and grabbing Merv) He?s waving at ya! That guy?s waving at ya.

Merv: Oh, we?ll be back after this message. He?s not even with the show(Pointing to Paul), Paul Michael Glaser!

Paul: (He hops over Merv?s mic cord: Waves bye to the audience) Bye everybody! (blows them kiss goodbye.)

Merv: (David sits in a stool with his guitar) Remember that song you wrote for your son?

David: Ya, Kristofer David.

Merv: Sing me a little bit of that song. Remember? Kristofer David.

David: (He sings) More?

Merv: Ya, come on sing it. (David sings more)? Isn?t that a nice song? (Merv starts to sing a little ?Kristofer David?)? What song you?re gonna do? Brand new?

David: Ya, it?s a new song. It?s on the album. It?s called ?We always seem to miss so much? ?coal Miner?s always seem to miss so much.?

Merv: Coal Miners?

David: You know, people walk around whether you?re a coal miner, whether you?re a person, people walk around with their head down, missing life, you know. So that?s the idea.

Merv: Good. David Soul from his new album!

(David sings)

Merv: (Paul comes back on stage) That?s a good one David! (Paul shakes David?s hand. Merv shakes David?s hand)

(Paul reaches around David, hugs him)

David: What?

Paul: I just want to tell you that you?re beautiful!

David: Oh, well,..oh, shoot!

Paul: That was beautiful, that was beautiful!

(David and Paul become a little emotional)

Merv: That was very touching, very nice, David: And I thank you both. And much success with the two hour movie here in Las Vegas!

(Paul and David head off stage, embraced)

Merv: Good bye Paul, bye David. ?STARSKY AND HUTCH?!

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