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Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul Interview with Dinah Shore

Dinah Shore with Paul & David


Paul: Welcome to the Dinah Shore Show!

David: (pointing to Paul) This is PMG, alias Starsky.

Paul: This is David Soul, otherwise know as ?Hutch?, and we?re delighted to be you today.

David: That?s right. We?re joining a party to celebrate a special visit by the most celebrated legal mind in television history?

Paul: On wheels! The star of Perry Mason and Ironsides, Raymond Burr!

David: Also joining us today is Perry?s private secretary, Delia Street, that?s the talented actress, Barbara Hale.

Paul: And from Ironsides you?ll meet the chief co-star Don Galloway.

David: And to liven up the party, songs from those razzle dazzle Hudson Brothers. (He pretends to lightly punch Paul in the side. Paul Laughs) And a special guest will be joining us later in the show.

Paul: And now here?s Dinah with her special guest Raymond Burr!

(Paul and David make a cute, quick exit to opposite sides of the stage)

(Raymond?s interview ends)

Dinah: (to Raymond) And as you and Barbara have been working together for nine years on that show and have developed an incredible relationship, they have been able to do the same thing and, and, you?re an admirer of their work.. and their show.

Ray: I think it?s the best new show on the air without question.

Dinah: I, I?m so delighted; they?re unconventional as you always have been in your portrayals of policemen. They play undercover policemen ?Starsky and Hutch? and they have agreed to blow their cover today which I thought was really nice. Please welcome once again, ?Starsky & Hutch?, Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul!

(Paul comes running up onto the stage with David close behind.)

Dinah: Nice advantage for Barbara and Dinah. They come on here and we get to kiss them both! (Dinah taps Paul?s arm) We, we had the chance to work together before but this is the first time I get to meet David. We worked on the People?s Music Awards show, but do you have any craziness like they (Raymond and Barbara) described?

(Paul laughs)

David: We were thinking about that back there when you were talking about that and I think after a nine relationship, I would imagine, though I don?t know, I would imagine that you begin to relax more with each other. I think what we know from the first season, we?ve been, ah, we took our work probably sometimes too seriously.

Dinah: Well you have to...

David: Yes.

Dinah: You?re just getting into the form of it, they go, you could go a little flakey after nine years.

Paul: Boy, I believe that!

David: Yes. We do?we do jokes on each other. I set Paul on fire a couple of weeks ago.

Paul laughs)

Dinah: Oh yeah, well that?s cute. Was it over quickly?

Paul: It was over very quickly, very quickly. He put a tail of toilet paper down my back and lit it on fire.

Dinah: Oh that?s nice!

Paul: And I was sitting on the camera dolly and I was looking through the camera saying ?Boy, it?s getting hot in here!?

Dinah: I was talking, Barbara was talking about how they had an intuitive thing working and you two have that same thing going even in this short of time. You, you have an extrasensory perception about... I know that the term is used so lightly, but it?s true in this case. Give us an example.

Paul: (Looking at David) I just thought of a great example, you?ll kill me for it afterwards.

David: OK.

Dinah: OK, great example on this show!

Paul: OK, an example of, of, an extrasensory. When we get ready to do a shot and the camera is all set up and everything and they get ready to, ah, they have a horn on the dolly?

David: Tell them how it sounds.

Paul: Oh, I can?t do it. You do it.

David: (laughs)

Paul: I can?t.

David: (really loud) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Dinah: OH!!!!!

Paul: At 9 o?clock at night and you?re trying to relax, they hit that horn and I, I get up and start walking, I know immediately where David is?

Dinah: You do?

Paul: He?s on the telephone.

(David and Paul laugh)

Paul: We kid each other all the time because we were just saying back stage what?s, what do, he asked me what kinda gags do we play on each other and (a deep breath) I said ?Well you know, there?s one running gag you play on me and one running gag I play on you. The running gag he plays on me is ?Ah, am I camera right or camera, ah, where do we go, ah, which scene? David gets very into the geography of it all. And my gag is right in the middle of the take I?ll stop and say ?Can I shoot another please??

Dinah: Ya, but, you don?t have, they?re running so much on that show, I mean you have so much action you don?t have time for jokes. You really don?t. You must have a thousand set ups a day.

Paul: No, I, I, I think we probably have a?.

David: I think on point Raymond, ah, Mr. Burr, to me, ah?..

Raymond: Ray?ll do

Dinah: Ray

David: Ah, thank you. Ray brought up earlier was that I think a lot of ah, the responsibility of a happy set is the two main principle people and that, um, a great deal of our own effort in terms of keeping the spirit high, in terms of keeping people, ah, is given to the crew. We have a marvelous crew?

Paul: Mmmmm...

David: ? and ah, they respond to?

Dinah: Your positive ways.

Dinah: There?s no, no envy and no counting the number of lines and that sort of thing

Paul: And...

David: ... and it?s very important to keep them and they help us, cause it?s a reciprocal thing.

Dinah: Sure is. I, I wanted, I wanted to ask you, cause it?s so unconventional, ?Starsky and Hutch?, approach to police work. Did you get much flack from policeman, cause I know Ray did at first from, from the police department. They didn?t feel it was an accurate portrayal.

David: In what respect?

Raymond: Well, they wanted, we use to get letters from police that they really weren?t kind of like Ironside. They, they and ah, that was of course during a period of time when also they were trying to get more college men into police work and did get more college men. And, ah, over the period of eight more years, ah, the attitude of some of the police changed?

Dinah: They felt you were almost too compassionate at times?

Raymond: Yes.

Dinah: ... and a little too oriented toward understanding the prisoners.

Raymond: And you should wear a gun at all times and everything. I kept saying ?look, the mans in a wheelchair, he?s not gonna be able, unless you?ve got guns coming out of the wheels of the chair.

(laughter all around)

Dinah: A David launcher!

Raymond: Yes, a David launcher.

Dinah: A Raymond Bond Chair, that?s what I meant.

Paul: Raymond Bond. We ah, I think we ah, we have a different situation. We have an incredible, ah, not an incredible, a theatricality in Starsky and Hutch. We, we look for degrees of authenticity. We look to relate to the other characters on a very real and human, ah, level, ah, ah, response. But also, in ah, ah, in the bizarre characters that come through in our stories and the way we handle our heavy?s ah, we approach an almost superhero or is a super hero type of situation. And I find that police react very favorably, favorably almost in the same respect as the public does, as a kind of escape. They like to see us do things that they would love to be able to do. If they ever got caught doing it, they?d loose their badge.

David: I spoke with a policeman the other day at great length and um, he was saying to me that his initial reaction, he?s an undercover cop, who happened to work as a motor cop on location to take care of crowds, traffic and so forth, but he was saying that his first reaction to Starsky and Hutch was rather negative based on, ah, on the fact that we always get our man and the antics that we go through, I think ah, were interesting sometimes. And as Paul said in the theatrical as opposed to the realistic because I think it?s entertaining?

Dinah: It?s like the medical shows. It has to be contained within an hour and you have to have?.

David: ? entertaining.

Paul: Umm hmm.

Dinah: ? a solution. You can?t, it can?t be continued next week.

David: Ya, but he said that his opinion had in, in the last several months has changed about the show particularly in regards to one case which happened to be a case of murder / rape and ah, um, the man turned himself in the following day because he had, he was also a guy you might call a ?vid-idiot?, he watched a lot of television, and was convinced that they were gonna get him anyway?

Dinah: Really?

David: They were gonna get him, he turned himself in and it happened that he was wanted for burglary or some other charge earlier. He said that, that his, his opinion of the show had changed in that respect that ah,?

Dinah: So it could perform a service.

David: Ya.

Dinah: Did you bring a letter?

David: Oh, ya, ya?

Dinah: You have it with you?

David: I gotta a card delivered to me on the set the other day, Friday, from a police officer (laughs) here in LA, whose name I won?t say at the moment.

Dinah: A fan card.

David: Cause I might want to use it!

Dinah: A fan card? it?s very small.

David: Well, sort of, it?s a regular card that the LA police hand out. On the back of the card it says ?Mr. Soul, after seeing your TV show, I?m sorry I booked you in 1968 for a traffic warrant. Which one are you, Starsky or Hutch? (Laughter all around)

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