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"Our ability to love is our truest power, our greatest power as human beings." PMG

January 15, 2007

Fan Q&A with Paul Michael Glaser.

Thank you Paul, for taking the time to answer a few questions from your fans! Your kindness and generosity for your time is always appreciated.

(this photo available from Rex Features: see Matt)

From Paul:

"Okay, I did the best I could, then ran out of gas."

Q & A with Paul

Personal Growth in your Journey and getting there.

1.) You?ve probably been asked this hundreds of times before... but I'm curious to know how you feel you have changed as a person....spiritually, emotionally and professionally in the past 30 years (from the time of S&H to the present). I know you?re probably sick and tired of questions about Starsky and Hutch, so I won't go there? lol. Hugs,.. Jo

2.) What do you think about the balance of your life, after all this time? Do you believe it would be differentif the opportunity of S&H had not occurred?... Andres

Paul: Ruminating about what could have, should have, might have been is the last thing I need to do.

3.) Was your family supportive of your decision to pursue a career in the film industry and move to California? ? Linda K.

Paul: My parents were supportive of whatever I wanted to do.

4.) Your life is an incredible journey that has inspired me, what made you take the paths you have and gives you such a positive outlook on a potentially tragic course of events?.. Delia

Paul: Tibetan philosophy describes the ?Tibetan congratulations.? That would be in response to any misfortune, illness, loss, etc?.congratulations are in order because these are opportunities to find your heart.

5.) a. Experiences exist to continuously teach you something about yourself and as most of us know, change happens in the now, moment by moment and discovering all that you are about and meant to be is a continuous process. What are some of the wonderful things you have learned about yourself in the recent years?

Paul: When I am not present?.I?m not here.

b. What are some of the things you learned about yourself that you knew needed adjusting?

6.) I once read somewhere that you were an angry child. Is that true? If so, what caused your anger? Are you still angry about that period in your life?... JF

Paul: Anger is one of the masks of fear. For me to be angry about that part of my life would be making a victim of myself. My energy is better spent trying to be with my fear.

Spiritual Journey

7.) What do you believe about God and life after death? Thanks?Barb K.

Paul: I don?t know anything about life after death. I only know that I am?.and when I ?am,? I know God.

8.) What are your personal spiritual beliefs? It seems to me that you are always looking for some type of spiritual enlightenment, do you feel you have found it?... Delia

Paul: ?Spiritual enlightenment? sounds like something one achieves or arrives at?like a train station. My ego would love to believe?needs to believe in ?arrivals? and accomplishments and beliefs. It helps create the illusion that we have some power over our mortality?which of course we don?t. All we have is our experience of ?now.?

9.) a.There is a lot of Buddhism in your speaking. How did the practice of meditation and mindfulness reveal itself to you? What motivated you to begin meditating?

Paul: Fear was and is my motivator and my path?to love.

b. How has meditation affected you? By this I mean, when (and as) you opened your heart and mind more and explore each practice, what did it have and what does it continue to teach you?

Paul: To witness without judging.

c. How do you think your life would be different without it?

Paul: Does ?Hell? ring a bell?

d. When you?re sitting alone meditating, are you able to recognize the depth of your connection to other living things?

Paul: I once said to a teacher that I felt I had a poor ?sitting meditation,? to which she said; ?Your whole life is your meditation.

When I am striving to be present,?then I am.

e. From your own personal practice, what is the best advice you can give to beginning meditation?

Paul: Acknowledge everything you are aware of; sounds, smells, sensations, thoughts, your breath?.without judging. Just notice, be with it?.even the thought: ?Am I meditating?? or ?How long do I have to do this?? or ?When is something going to happen?? Being present is your meditation.

f. How would you like most to be remembered? What would you like your legacy to be? Pam M.

Paul: In the book ?Conversations with God,? God speculates that to ?re-member? is to re-attach. That is, my arm is a ?member? of my body and I am re-attaching it. When I re-member, I am re-attaching to all awareness, all that is?call it consciousness, God, Existence, truth, love I would like my legacy to be my contribution in the journey of this life to the re-attacchment,?the remembering of our oneness with everything.

Your Journey as a Parent

10. ?We live in an ever increasing hard world. You have done and continue to do so many wonderful things. What are your hopes for your children? If you could have them learn one lesson, what would that lesson be?... Ingrid

Paul: To be present with and compassionate to yourself and to others.

11. What are some of your thoughts on raising children today? Our children are raised but we have 19 grand children and great grand children?Pat

Paul: Our children are the recipients of a history of conditioning. They are also the recipients of their own choice and journey. Guide them with your heart. Show them theirs.

Directing, Acting, Writing and Current Journey

12. Many of your fans would love to see you as the lead role in a nice romantic comedy. (Is that next? ;-) Is there a role or personality that you haven?t played but would like to? ?Pam M.

Paul: Whatever the universe has in store for me.

13. Dearest Paul, I like very much your written ability to express your concepts, ideas andopinions. I like to read your speeches youhave writtenfor various university graduationsand your answers to smart interviewers...Your wayof thinking and elaborating on your feelings and your emotionsis very stimulating for me, and I'm really interested in what you have to say. I've often resorted to your words and your "messages" to face little or big problems and difficulties in my life and in my work. They are always so encouraging, positive, deep andyet simple at the same time. A.) Have you ever thought to write a book? Maybe an autobiography or a "thought book"? I love your way of thinking and writing. It would be beautiful to know you better in your own words!

Paul: To whatever extent I try to write,?telling stories seem to be the most fun and allow the most discovery for me and whoever reads what I write. ?Thoughts? tend to preach and presuppose that others are listening to the same music?and at the same time, as me.

14. You are always very kind with your fans and your public, even when we are a little intrusive or maybe when we need some comforting words from you: it would be very nice for us to be able to do something beautiful for you for once!...Something useful for a possible next project or something similar...Something that could be done all together from all over the world! B.) Is there something that you would like to have, to know or to receive from your audience? It would be fantastic for us (FOR ME FOR SURE!!!) to be able to do something, even if little, for you...Let us know ;-))

Paul: The greatest gift you could give me you can give yourselves. Kindness and compassion.

15. I know that you love animals:I toolove them very, very much and I always have some dog, some cat, some bird or some other creature to help in my house... at the moment I just have two very little cats that are looking for a new house.. C.) Do you think that your family and your two dogs would accept them in your home?!?? ;-)) I'm, sure they would be in good hands with all of you ;-)).

Paul: I?m allergic to cats.

D.) What are 3 adjectives that you would use to describe yourself? ... Erika ( Rome-Italy )

Paul: An ?adjective? describes something finite. I?d rather use a verb. One verb: Being.

16. As an actor, how much freedom are you given to create the essence of the ?life and persona? of the character you?re playing, especially if you don?t quite agree with the way ?he? was written?... Pam M.

Paul: In as much as the actor tries to find the character I himself, as opposed to himself in the character, there?s as much freedom as you want to take. As for the writer?.he?s trying to tell a story too. The challenge is to figure out what the story is and why am I doing this at this particular point in my life? Why now?

17. Paul, what were your most embarrassing moments in front of and behind the camera (directing)? Thank you,? Dianne S.

Paul: I tend to forget them as I do a bad golf swing.

18. An actor (director) becomes an actor (director), to develop and perfect his career and to entertain, to enlighten, and to enrich the audience that is watching his/her performance. Their audience is just as significant as their talent. If no one came to watch, what would it all matter? How do you feel when you affect an audience?

Paul: Consider this: Two actors on stage are two points of a triangle. The audience is the third. In the dialogue of stimulus and response, one actor communicates to the other ?I love you.? The other actor reciprocates that love. The same is communicated to the audience. 1500 people now reciprocate. That feels pretty good.

19. How did your experiences in summer stock prepare you for ?off? and ?on? Broadway? For the career of acting in general?

Paul: Summer stock is like doing a series. In the short term it can be fun because it requires spontaneity. In the long term, it causes one to rely on one?s facilities, (tricks, if you like), and makes taking a chance on failing ever more so difficult. In other words, it doesn?t develop strong muscles or the ability to explore a character in depth.

20. I know that with the wonderful ?KAZAAM?, you started with the character. But, when you?re writing a screenplay, how do you create your characters? Do you start with a basic plot first and then develop the characters or do you think of the character first and then work a plot around them?

Paul: I started as an actor. An actor is, by necessity a subjective animal?that is, he needs to be in a position to be surprised and to react. A writer and a director need to be objectively strong. To have an overview.. My strengths are dialogue and ?character,? and because I enjoy word craft, my tendency is to write dense screenplays that are very descriptive, but my ?structure? of the story I?m telling suffers. That is where my hardest work comes. That being said, every screenplay, as every role has its own unique approach that is discovered in the process of doing.

21. If you were teaching classes on directing, what would your curriculum be like? What are some of the techniques you use that would be helpful to new directors?

Paul: Acting, Dance, Painting, History, Literature, Story telling, Leading an army, psychology, religion for starters. ?Technique? is a word that to me describes the ?how? of one?s journey. Each journey being different each time out?there are as many ?techniques? as there are directors and scripts?.and actors?.and crews?.

22. In the seventies, you said that you purchased the ?Love Letters of Abbie and Anita Hoffman?. Did you ever write that screenplay? If not, do you still have a desire to do something with it?... Pam M.

Paul: It was supposed to be a play.

23. What was your greatest obstacle in becoming a working actor?... JF

Paul: Tired feet.

24. Looking back over the years of directing, what project was your favorite and why?

Paul: When I look back, I get a stiff neck.

25. What is your favorite or most memorablenon-S & H acting part? My favorites are 'Perchik' from 'Fiddler On The Roof' and Cap't Steeper from 'Third Watch'?Beck

Paul: I don?t have any favorites. They were all equally difficult.

26. When youwere in Fiddler On The Roof, were you disappointed that they had cut your song "Any day Now" out of the movie?...bye Sandra

Paul: Absolutely.

RE: Ladies Night

27. Is it easy for you to sit back as an actor when you?ve been directing for so long? Do you find yourself wanting to pitch in or give your POV on how something should be shot? Pam M.

Paul: Directing is too difficult to either presume or worry about when I?m acting. Give me a good book between set-ups..

28. When you receive a script, before you accept or decline, what do you look for in the role you?ve been asked to play? What aspects of this script drew you to accept the role of Art Kirkland? ? Pam M.

Paul: I look for the parallel between what the character and my life at that point in time.

29. It?s no surprise to your fans what a passionate and versatile actor you are. I should think that it must be difficult at times to slip in and out of the skin of someone like Art Kirkland. The relationship with his son was certainly one of abuse and control. And the scene with Emily was especially intimate (especially the European version.;-) and then intensely violent. How do you prepare yourself and get in that frame of mind for scenes that repeatedly go from a charming, romantic or a calm state of being to being red hot and deadly and have it look so explosively real and not forced?... Pam M

Paul: Have a good book and be willing to ask myself when the cameral rolls?.How do you feel, Paul?

30.) Ladies Night is loosely based on a true crime story. Is it harder to play a real person than a fictional character? How much research do you do or how do you prepare yourself for that role. What do you like (or pros and cons) about each type of role? Pam M.

Paul: Even if I met the ?real? character, it would still be me being the character. I suppose meeting the real character would create a ?bond? between us?.

31.) What were some of the funnier moments, bloopers or jokes that you experienced during the filming of Ladies Night? ? Excellent golf swing, btw!... Pam M.

Paul: Here?s where I start wondering what?s in the refridgerato.

32. A: Did you enjoy working with the actor who played your son? The two of you had a great, easy chemistry. Was that movie magic or did you work with him to develop that kind of mood and feel on screen?

Paul: He?s a good actor. Made me look good.

B: Are you the kind of actor who likes to rehearse a scene or do you prefer the spontaneity of the moment, and reacting to what the other actor gives you in the scene?

Paul: Depends how much film and time you have. ?Rehearsing on film? Provides for a lot of surprises.

C: Is it difficult to switch moods so quickly within a go from calm to playful to offended to
menacing all in the course of a 3 minute scene?

Paul: Depends on what I?ve eaten.

D: Among all the parts you have played, is there any role or acting experience that stands out in your mind as special or particularly satisfying? Thanks?Serena

Paul: I like to describe the acting experience as a dance. When I?m ?on the bubble? and present it?s fun. That doesn?t happen very often.

33: What does Mr. PMG think about the responsibility of an actor (or director) in portraying a person in a certain role? Does an actor need to consider what kind of impact a role can have on the viewer(s)? Or does the viewer have sole responsibility and the portrayer none? Thank you?Cynthia

Paul: It?s all about love. Acting, along with all the other story-telling crafts is about communicating. Without an audience, who is there to communicate to?

34. Would you ever consider making or want a movie made of Elizabeth?s book? I know it is a very private, personal, sad, and very terrible time of your family?s life but the book was very spiritual, uplifting, inspiring, happy, funny, sad, heart wrenching, loving, warm, and surreal all at the same time, It would make such a good movie as there hasn?t been a good movie for the longest time that has all these elements. If you directed and produced it, it wouldn?t lose the honesty of the emotional roller coaster the book was. It is a tragic story but with a lot of life lessons and makes one feel that there is a purpose of why we were put on earth, and that there is a reason for everything that happens? Cin

Paul: Too close to see the forest for the trees.

35. I would like to ask Paul whether he can go out to watch a play/film with his family and watch it as a member of the audience , or whether he finds himself viewing it through a director's eyes and thinking how you would have done things differently i.e. is you a "back seat director"?...Regards?Catherine

Paul: People in the entertainment industry make the best audience. They want it to work, and when it does, they are so grateful.

36. We all know that you have worked with and directed many great actors. Yet there is one who stands outin my mindand that is David Soul. What was it like directing Mr. Soul? And your directing you?... Jools

Paul: There are no great actors. There are good actors and great roles.

37. a Do you find similarities in the processes of writing and directing, in that, when revising, or editing - and letting go of how precious those words/pictures might have seemed initially - by changing the order of a paragraph or a sequence, the flow of the story becomes clearer or more logical - i.e. it falls into place and is more real?

Paul: It?s all about being specific and allowing yourself to discover and let things change.

b. Is that what you would call one of your epiphany moments? (It?s certainly satisfying when it happens!)?Jools

38.) Dear Mr. Glaser:

The poem you wrote a few months ago was full of splendor, truth, and very comforting. It was a light shining forth to all.Have you alwayswritten poetry? What inspires you most? Thank you for your time, and care,? Karen

Paul: I have written poetry off an on during my life. I wouldn?t call myself a poet. Just somebody who likes words and images and the feelings they evoke.

39. Have you ever thought about teaching classes for aspiring actorson what you have learned from being in the business (acting techniques included)? Thank you?Amber Bice

Paul: I teach when I direct. As for learning from being in the business? To duck.

40. What advice would you give to script writers? ... Cyn

Paul: Keep writing.

41. How did your experiences in summer stock prepare you for ?off? and ?on? Broadway? For the career of acting in general?

Paul: What not to do.

42.) I know that you are on the board of at least one theatre company. Have you thought of acting on stage currently? I think you're a wonderful actor, and I've seen just about all of your film and TV work. I know the beginning of your career included stints on Broadway. I would love to see you on stage now! Thanks?AW

43.) Hi Paul.

I thought you were fantastic in Ladies Night. I especially loved your scenes with the actor who played your son. I thought they were the best scenes in the movie.

What's it like to go in cold to direct a show that you've neverdirected before? How do you learn the show's format and premise? Howdo you build rapport with the cast and crew? How do infuse your ownartistic vision while staying true to the show? How much time do youspend with the actors? Howmuch time do you actually spend on eachepisode? How much control do you have over editing, music, lighting,etc.? What do you like most and least about doing it? Thanks in advance?Rachel

Paul: ?Episodic ? directing is often described as being a traffic cop. The two most important people on the set are the camera man and the first assistant director because they basically run the show. Most of it is about racing the clock and trying to get an awful lot of work into a tight schedule. If you know your craft, the crew will respect you. Most of the time the actors will too. Some even allow you to push them into places they wouldn?t ordinarily go. As for the ?look? of the show. Producers tend to give this much more weight than they need to. A decent director picks up on it and the cameraman takes care of the rest.. I like the speed of the ride but I wouldn?t want it as a steady diet. You get tired and jaded.

44.) Who did you dedicate the episode of ?THIRD WATCH? TO? ... Jenny Teague.. Mission Viejo, Ca

Paul: I did?

45.) a. If funds were unlimited and you could choose any projectto direct for T.V. or film, which project would you choose?

Paul: Something I?ve written.

b. If you were the producer and could work with any director, actor and actress in the world, which three would you pick?

Paul: The question gives me a headache.

c. Would you ever consider doing another T.V. series?

Paul: I?m at a point in my life when I?d consider anything. Whether I?d do it or not is another question.

d. If you could do it over again, knowing everything you know now, but with conditions the same as in the past, would you complete a fifth season of Starsky & Hutch or still opt. out? ... FSLAYD

Paul: The past is the past. Let?s let it rest in peace.

46.) After all the years spent directing, writing, producing....what made you come back in front of the camera again?.. Deborah

Paul: It?s that ?bicycle? thing.

47.) A: ?Which of your acting roles are you most proud of?

B:-Where you have been the director, which project are you most proud of? ... Linda Kalinski

48.) I understand that you are writing several books. Do you have a specific writing program that you can recommend to aspiring writers?

Paul: Nope.

49.) Did you ever have stage fright? If so, how did you get over it? Or if not, do you have anyadvice for other actors' for getting overstage fright? ... JF

Paul: If you ever find yourself not afraid, be worried.

50.) Dear Mr. Glaser do you really think that a new project involving you and Mr. David Soul will EVER happen, and if yes..............when and in what form? Thanks Jo xx form the UK :-)

Paul: You?re guess is as good as mine.

51.) HI- My question is this: Is there any chance of pairing up with David Soul again to do a movie or television show? The chemistry between the two of you was truly wonderful and there are many fans who would love to see the two of you together again. Thanks?.Pam Hartfield

49.) Paul you were wonderful in Ladies night out. Please do some more TV. Your commercial has not played in our area as of yet, so I have not gotten to see it. But I am sure you have done a wonderful job.

God Bless you and you family. You are a warmand wonderful person.

It shows in all that you do.

You #1 fan

Patricia S.

50.) What movie or TV projects do you have coming up? Also anything with you and David?

Would you ever return to series TV if the right part came up and what would be the right part? Thx?Cin

51.) Paul....How do you handle going in front of the camera as an actor after you've been a director for so long? Do you find yourself wanting to help the director, or just try to bite your tongue and be the actor?... Ginger

52.) What do you have planned for 2006personal appearances? Antonio Fargas frequently doescelebrity conventions,giving fans the opportunity to meet him;but itis hard to find out beforehand where you might be doing a presentation, speech, or personal appearance?Much appreciated, Terry

53.) Might there be any appearances soon (especially in the Chicago area)? Thanks Maria

54.) "Hello from sunny, sunny Cape Coral, Florida". I would like to know if Paul and Jake, or just Paul, or just Jake are attending any "Aids" conferences or Rallies here in Florida , or for that matter anywhere in the USA? Kirsten

55.) "Will you ever sing publicly again? ("I'm looking over a 4 leaf clover" while golfing doesn't count!) The synagogue where I'm currently music-directing a show would LOOOVE to have you perform, I'm sure!! ) Singplay2003

56.) Do you know if you?ll be coming to Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the near future? I?m an extra in quite a few movies being made in Montreal (Canadian and American) so I guess it?s not impossible for Paul to come here. I?ve been a big fan for almost thirty years and it would be a dream come true to meet him some day. Thanks. Jackie.

57.) Will you come to visit Germany someday?

58.) No questions just Merry Chrismukkah from me! Tooki

Your opinions, feelings toward? and ?just wondering?

59.) What are your feelings were toward"Reality TV" given the fact that these shows put professional actors, writers, directors out of work. From the stand point of a man who has been all three, what do you think of this phenomenon?... Kathy

60.) Are you ever going to take the stage with Jake at the EGPAF A Time for Heroes carnival? Speaking as a volunteer, it would be a real treat to see you both up at the podium, addressing the crowd? Kathy

61.) ?From what I read, I see that many of your fans are Starsky and Hutch fanatics, How do you feel about questions relating to this, I mean, the work you do now along with your TV appearances is wonderful, do you mind always answering questions from your old series?I wouldn't mind seeing you reunite with David Soul too! Thanks for the wonderful site, I really enjoy it. I log on almost every day to see if there are any new updates! I also plan to support the EGPAF thru the holidays by buying my gifts where I know I will be supporting this great cause??.Thank You Again, Yvonne

62.) I have always wanted to know what musical instruments Paul plays. I know you play guitar, and I have a picture of you, with, I think it was a saxophone, so I'm just curious. Thank you. Regards,? Kerry?Townsville. Australia

63.) In the UK we have a very popular and long-running BBC radioprogramme called "Desert Island Disks" where a guest is asked to select the 8 gramaphone records (yes it's been going that long! LOL) they'd like to take onto a desert island were they to be shipwrecked there. It is assumed there will be a solar-powered player but no other modern conveniences, although the island will be perfectly pleasant and have ample supplies of wild food and fresh water. :-)
What music might you like to have with you on your own desert island? Many thanks again,?Love SHaron.

64.) Just wanted to know what you thought of the city of Winnipeg when you were filming "Ladies Night", and what parts were filmed there. Thanks a lot...cin

65.) If you had a time machine what about the eventsof the past would you go back and try to change personal as well as political?...As always, wishing you well, Pebs

66.) As you know many 70s TV shows have been the highlight of new movies being made. Since Starsky and Hutch was already completed, which other TV show would you like to see made into a movie...Michele G

67.) I would like to know what Paul does with the photos your fans send him. I mean like do you or your wife put them in a photo album or a box or whatever. I just wondered. .. Debbie

68.) a. What has kept you so grounded and able to treat your fans with such generosity and compassion?

b. Does it bother you when fans approach you on the street, just for an autograph or perhaps a handshake?... Delia

69.) I have met so many people from different sites do to Starsky and Hutch. I have made truly some friendships that I would not of had if it wasn't for the show... There are about 10 people I have met and we have formed a very good friendship. We chat and e-mail almost everyday and I would like to thank you so much for the gift you have given us. We have started a postcard exchange to get to know each other even better.

I would like you to knowthat there are 2 women who I admire and who I always looked up to. They are Princess Diana and Elizabeth.

a. So I would like to knowhowyou feel about that because of the show, people around the world have made truefriendships because of Starsky and Hutch?

b. Do you know how David feels about it to?... Janice von Behren From Memphis,

70.) France loves you. Do you think of coming to see us soonor do you think one day of organizing day-meets with your admirers, in the United States? (note : if so, be certain that I will be travel !)
A: Which is your "family" of actors?
B: While choosing to be an actor whom you seek: a new skin, the need to express you freely, the desire for existing with the eyes of the others... Evy

71.) There aremany fan-sites on the Internet of you, David soul and S&H in general. Do you look at these sites? ... Sigi

72.) "Would you be willing to read a script that is just perfect for your range? I'd value your opinion about options from here.... It's been a labor of love for nearly two years....." Thanks! Jayne

73.) a. Are you ambidextrous, do you use your right hand like your left hand? I noticed in Ladies Night that you shot with your right hand?

b. Do you smoke?

c. What is your favourite alcoholic beverage?... Cin

74.) Dear Paul,
My name is Ellie and I'm 15 years old. I would like to say how much I admire your work. I am a big fan. I hope you don't mind me asking you a couple of questions.
a. Firstly, S&H is very much about friendship. How important is friendship to you?
b. Secondly, I have recently been studying sex education at school and I wondered- how do you personally feel the awareness of HIV/AIDS is put across to young people in schools, youth groups etc, and do you think it is effective?

Thank you very much for reading my questions, it is truly an honour to get the opportunity to ask you them? Much love and best wishes? Ellie xx

75.) Hi Paul,

The love and friendship you and David have for all of these years is a HUGE part of why all of us fans are here. It is a beautiful thing that you nicely shared a part of in Starsky and Hutch that many years ago. Numerous interviewers at the time of the movie premiere would ask you two over and over again what was the main reason your show had suchan impact on theviewers and why the fans love it and you two to this very day, and you both would kindly answer " friendship." There was even a twinkle in your eye the times you pretended not to have a clue. :)

Why do you think that your friendship with David, the unconditional lovethat is clearly there, affects us fans so?

You have written and spoken beautiful things about what is really important in life. You and David have a connection that has resonated throughout this world. I was wondering what your feelings about this were. Thank you very much, Paul!

76.) a. What do you think about your fans, who are loyal you already so long?

b. Your complete name (Paul Manfred Glaser)sounds very German. Does your father have maybe German predecessors?

c. What do you do with the gifts that are sent to you by fans?

d. Do you have a pet?

e. You have likedin earlier days todrive amotorcycle. Do you drive itas well today?... Sigi ( Germany)

77.) a. Have you ever, in your curiosity, visited any of the websites dedicated to you? If so, what impression did it leave you with??JF

b. If you had it to do all over again, would you become an architect?... JF

c. What are some of your favorite movies? ...JF

d. Was Bogart one of your favorite actors? ...JF

e. What would a perfect day at home consist of for you? ...JF

f. What would a perfect day at work consist of for you? ...JF

g. Do you celebrate Chanukah and Christmas? ...JF

78.) Paul ?How happy are you with yourlife?" How is your health and are you taking very good care of yourself? Have most of your dreams come true both personally and in yourcareer? Please let Paul know how greatly I miss him and wish him a most blessed holiday season.? Mary Catherine Berent

79.) Do you still play the guitar? Jim Croce?s guitar? If so, do have a favorite style of music that you like to play most often?

80.) What do you do to make people laugh?

81.) What is one of the most fun pranks you have played on someone?

STARSKY & HUTCH related Questions

82.) THE #1 QUESTION: (200 of them the first day, over 500 asked!):

Will you & David ever do a reunion movie?

83.) "Are there any plans underway at this time for Paul & David to do an S&H Reunion movie? Particularly one made-for-TV?" Thanks? Mary in Oregon

84.) ? Is there any development (on or off the record) to a S&H reunion movie?

Possible S&H Reunion Movie? In case you say yes?

Will you follow the original winning S&H formula being mostly a crime drama genre?

Are you going ahead with the Starsky living in NYC and Hutch living in London setting?

- If so, wouldn't that leave out Huggy Bear in Bay City?

Is a quality telefilm being considered by anyone?

If so would a PG-13 or maybe even a Maturerating be possible or desirable?

And finally one request, don't kill off any of the principle characters, thank you!... ?WS

85.) Will you ever do a reunion movie with David Soul? Thank you PMG & Bless you! There it is lol...Peace, Cheryl

86.) "What attribute about your character, "Starsky" did you most admire and why?"? Janet

87.) In ?Sweet Revenge? the last Starsky episode, was there a reason you didn?t have Starsky saying anything when you came out of the coma & in the next scene when Hutch brought in the printout about Gunther? ?Jenny

88) a. What is the TRUE status of any so-called S&H treatment and would you and David star in it?

b. I want to know how you would respond to the knowledge that I basically grew up idolizing you and that throughout my troubled adolescent years that I looked to your character for comfort, solace and escape from it...?...Peter xo

89.) ?If you could pick out 1 episode of S&H that was your favorite, or stood out more than the others or was more special because you either directed it, or the Starsky character was more intense, which episode would it be & why?

(My favorite was Starsky's Lady) - I got so into that story because every girl I knew back then wanted to be Starsky's lady - the way you treated her was WONDERFUL - and when her character died - the closeness between Dave & Ken was without question - as genuine as it could be?.#1 S&H fan in Sacramento, CA??Linda Curtis

90.) ?Shall like knowing, if we can hope to see Paul in France in the months to come. The release in DVD of Starsky and Hutch dipped back to us with a lot ofnostalgia in the years 70/80. Can be that are foreseen in France some broadcasts with our both police clebres... Thanks to you?? Sylvie of France

91.) Upcoming S&H 2 Videogame (2006)...Now that major Hollywood actors are involved in videogames will you, David Soul and Antonio Fargas participate in the upcoming S&H videogame sequel?... Walter

92.) Do you ever watch any episodes of Starsky and Hutch and if you do, which is your favourite? Thanks for your time Paul! Hugs...Moe, Ripon, North Yorkshire, England.

93.) Was your wife Tracy a fan of Starsky and Hutch??... Linda Kalinski

General Questions by multiple fans

94.) What is your favorite food? Except chocolate!

95.) To what do you credit your staying in good shape and good health for all of the past years. I am the same age as you. And what are some of you favorite foods?Pat

96.) Is therea chance to see you and David Soulin a film or a series together someday again? (Does not have to be S&H!)?

97.) What was your favorite film in the last 2 years?

98.) What was your favorite song in the last 3 month?

99.) What's your next project, when will you be seen again on TV or cinema?

100.) What is your biggest wish for the year 2006?

101.) What is your favourite colour??...bye Sandra

102 ) A: Do you think a celebrity should use their status/influence for political issues and candidate endorsements?

B: What is your opinion on the war in Iraq? Should we've have gone? Should be stay? Deborah

103.) Just curious--I've noticed you play guitar with your right hand and your golf swing is right handed. Why not lefthanded?... JF

104.) Did you get along with Arnold Shwartzenegger in the running man movie? Saw a clip with you directing and it looks like you were yelling at him and then pushed him forward?Cin

105.) a) Do you like being a director better then being an actor ?
b) Do you and David pall around together still?
c) Did you have fun doing the Walton?s TV show?
d) That show mad it look like you can fly an airplane can u?
e) Do you miss beingon TV as Starsky? Chrissa B

106.) a.Do you think that "bad guys" characters are more interesting to perform than the heroes and good guys characters?

b. Recently,you dida character based on a true storie (Ladies Night). And you did Houdini too, among the others. Do you prefer this type of character?

c. Do you think that is more easy to make the audiencelaugh than cry? What isyour preference when you are on the stage?

PS: Please check my bad English... I'm sure that I made some mistakes, but I am so touched by the idea of sending this questions to Paul, that I am not sure that I'm still writing something properly?Thanks a lot for the rare opportunity and send my warm hugs to all Glaser's family!!

And to you... lots of kisses ?. Cristina Pereira


107.) Being an avid fanfic reader and just having read a heated discussion about it on a TV producer's site, I'm curious what Paul thinks about it. And I mean the nice gen fanfiction, that sticks to the characters as they were in the show (not something like slash) I know that some writers/actors/producers are definitely do not agree with it? Sandra

108.) Have you already read the fan-fiction-histories thatthe fansfrom S&H wrote and do you like them? ?Sigi

109.) Have you ever read any?explored the internet archives of?Starsky and Hutch fanfiction, gen and slash? If so, please give us your comments. It seems to me that there are some really good writers in the world of fanfiction who could have made better contributions to S&H scripts than what you two often had to work with. We miss the two of you working together. Thank you for this opportunity to ask a question? .Pam Castle

Thank you Paul, you?re the best!

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