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November 22, 2007

Inside Edition!

Starsky & Hutch Movie release March, 2004

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Deborah Norville (narrating): Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson worked the red carpet of their new movie, ?Starsky and Hutch? and right there on the red carpet as well, the original stars of the seventies show, david Soul and Paul Michael Glaser.

DEB: Stacy on the movie as well as the highs and lows on the original stars.

Stacy (narrating with clips of premier): Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson teamed up on the red carpet for their big screen comedy remake of ?Starsky and Hutch?. They were joined by the movies co-stars, Carmen Electra, Snoop Dog and? that red and white torino. Also on board, the original ?Starsky and Hutch?, Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul.

(clip of ?Starsky and Hutch?)

The crime fighting duo was inseparable on screen, but off screen, there were rumors that the two then didn?t get along. I was able to sit down with Glaser for a rare interview.

Stacy: How would you describe your relationship with David?

PAUL: It?s a very complicated relationship and I sue to always remark that on the set we had this amazing chemistry and we knew how to work together and then I?d run into him at a party and we?d go ?Hey, Hi..? and that was it, there was no more conversation. I know there was a lot of ego, there was a lot of other things going on?

STACY (narrating): But today, Paul and David have reconciled and are now putting a new film together. Post Starsky, Paul has found success directing and also continues acting, but there has been tragedy. Paul?s wife Elizabeth died in 1994 form AIDS after a tainted blood transfusion. He?s since remarried to producer, Tracy Barone.

As for David, he has been married 5 times and has had some bad luck recently. In January, Soul was robbed while living in a one room flat in one of the shabbiest sections of London.

(clip of Ben Stiller as ?Starsky? followed by clip of ?Starsky and Hutch? in when Starsky blows in Hutch?s ear)

So even though there?s a new ?Starsky and Hutch?, some say there?s nothing like the original!

Stacey: Is it somewhat flattering knowing that there are legions of women out there madly in love with ?Starsky and Hutch? ?

PAUL: (big smile, bits his lip and shakes his head slightly) That?s very nice... it?s very sweet.

(end of interview)

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