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FOX and FRIENDS , March, 2004

OPENING: Clip of Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Starsky & Hutch


Brian K: That's a clip from Starsky and Hutch, the movie that hit's the theater today!

Steve D: But we've got the original recipe, David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser, the original actors whop played the classic seventies police partner's, "Starsky and Hutch'.

Join us live today! Morning..

Paul: Thank you! What a nice welcome. Nice to see you. (The side of Paul's eye is bleeding)

Steve: Thank you. What do you mean you're bleeding? Paul: I cut myself shaving this morning.

Steve: What do you mean? Shaving your eyes?

E.D.Hall: You cut yourself!?

Paul: (laughing) Well, you know, when you get a certain age, you just go for the general vicinity!

E.D.Hall: All is does is add to your tough guy image!

Paul: (waving his finger) Oh, there you are? You know, you weren't talking to me like this before, you know.

E.D.Hall: It is...

Brian: Now, could I tell you what I thought when I saw that you were first bleeding? I thought another fight between you two. I thought that you took another swing at him.

Paul: Oh, no,no,no. He misses...

Brian: No?

Paul: He could never,,he could never lay a glove on me.

Brian: No?

David: He's too quick, too quick..

Paul: Too quick

Steve: How many times have you guys been traveling to an airport or a convention and someone says "Hey, it's the guys from "Dukes of Hazard"? You, cause, sometimes TV's collected memories, sometimes it gets all jumbled up.

Paul: That's good, that guy (to David and laughing) You like this guy? I don't like this guy!

David: (laughs)

Paul: I wanna talk to her. I don't wanna talk to him.

E.D.Hall: Well, let's talk about the movie. Did you guys like it?

David: Well, very much.

Paul: Ya, we did. We enjoyed it. They did a good job.

Steve: You got in for free, right?

Paul: Well, you know, everything is relative! (laughs)

E.D.Hall: Still had to pay for the popcorn. what about the choice. They picked ah, they picked Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. What did you think?

Paul: Well, Ben did a really good job playing me and.. (he turns to David)

David: Ya.....

Paul: (to David) Say something, say something! Open your mouth and form sounds.

David: Owen was wonderful. Well, he has his own rhythm, you know, to play the character of Hutch, any number of people could play the character of Hutch. He just had this great rhythm. Kinda low, laid back....

Paul: They have a very good chemistry together, these two guys, you know?

David: Ya.

Paul: They have a nice dance together.

Steve: Well, you've got a nice going on here.

Paul: Yes we do, we do, we did.

David: Ya, we do.

Steve: You know, from the original, the car was also very important. did they use the same car?

Paul: Well, l, they used ah, they didn't use the same car because if they had, they wouldn't have gotten very far. It was pretty messed up by the time we were through.

Steve: It's in a museum?

Paul: No, they ah, they ah, did a 2004 version of it. Pretty hot, pretty good.

Steve: What are you guys up to now?

Paul: I, ah, I'm doing ah, a little of everything, you know, I'm directing, I'm acting, I'm writing. I'm still trying to find my golf swing....

Brian: Really!

Paul: Ya, you play golf?

Brian: It's a life long quest that's really non of your business. I don't want to get personal, ok? See, I'm a little hostile.

Paul: (To E.D.Hall) Do you play golf, hmm?

E.D. Hall: I watch all my friends play "Golden Tee" which is the addicting video version.

Brian: It's a video game to me.

Steve: David do you still sing?

David: Oh, yeah, I still sing.

Steve: What would you like to sing? We've got some moon lighting!

David: (Laughs)

Paul: That's right!

David: Ya, I'm doing a little theatre in London.

Steve: You're fluent in German, also Spanish. Do you sing in English?

David: (Laughs) I sing most of my stuff in English.

Steve: Yah.

David: I grew up in Berlin as a kid.

Steve: Which side?

(clip from Starsky and Hutch pilot)

Paul: (Laughs)

David: Which side? (laughs) My father worked in East Berlin.

Paul: This guy's fantastic!

David: My family, obviously was from the east side.

Steve: That was a good question.

Brian: That was a great..

E.D.Hall: What do you it surreal to you to see all these new generations are gonna know Starsky and Hutch by Ben and Owen, not you two?

Paul: Well, that's OK.

Brian: Forget about the kids..

Paul: You know, you know, you're only here for so long. I don't know if you know that yet! (Laughs)

E.D.Hall: Don't burst my bubble this early.

Steve: You ever fight crime on your David?

David: Yes, we're all citizens aren't we? We suffer the same things other citizens suffer from.

(Paul raises his hand)

Paul: I'm campaigning for Kerry! (Laughs)

Steve: Well, I'll tell you what, the new movie, "Starsky and Hutch" opens today. David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser, thank you very much.

David: That's it?

Paul: Is this it? This, it's all over, man!

Steve: We'll see you later. Good luck.

Paulr: Thank you very much.

Brian: You get the cups!


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