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OPENING: Paul and David standing in front of torino on AH set.

Paul: (looking at David) He?s Starsky..

David: I?m Hutch.. (Paul looks back at David, laughs as David catches what Paul just said!)

PAT: (Narrating): They?re back! But why did the good times even end? (Clip David and Paul talking to Pat)

PAT: Was it depression?

David: I think it was anger.

(clip of upcoming topics)


PAUL: Lights! (clip of girls screaming) Ok, you wanna play that way! (shuffles his feet)

DAVID: (whispers something to Paul) ACCESS!

(clip of Paul and David, ?Starsky and Hutch?)

PAT (narrating) We happily re-unite ?Starsky and Hutch?, but what made the laughter stop at one point?

Paul and David, opening again

David: Ben who?

Paul: Owen who?

DAVID: Huh, don?t mess with the originals!

PAUL: He?s Starsky!

DAVID: I?m Hutch!

(unison laughter)

PAT: No messing with the original ?Starsky and Hutch?, the seventies TV legends show has turned into a big screen movie opening this Friday. But, as the original baby who came here to talk about life after ?Starsky and Hutch?.

PAT: To me, sitting here with you is, shoot..

PAUL: We definitely resonated ?

PAT: (narrating) Resonated? An understatement! 25 years ago they were the biggest heart throbs as stars of the ultimate buddy cops be came a cultural sensation. David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser were suddenly famous beyond their wildest dreams! The fame, though, was not destined to last. The show went off the air after 4 very successfully seasons.

PAT: When it was over, did you feel lost?

DAVID: yeah, but, I mean, at that point I was sitting in a nice home with more money than I had ever seen in my life and the first thing that occurred to me was ?Is that all there is??

PAT (narrating): David, who parlayed his notoriety into singing career, soon became the tabloid staple of battling demons.

PAT: Was it depression or..?

DAVID: I think it was anger, a lot of anger. I never came to terms really, of what this business was all about. A lot of it finally got to me, the fame, the money, the power.

PAT (narrating): Paul became a successful director. Even directing Arnold Schwarzenegger?s the ?Running Man?, also saw his life beset by tragedy. His beloved wife, Elizabeth and daughter, Ariel, died after contracting AIDS from a blood transfusion in the early eighties.

(clips of the Starsky & Hutch movie premier and more clips of Starsky giving keys to Ben Stiller)

Although both attended the ?Starsky and Hutch? premiere and made cameo?s in the film, David admist he originally had reservations about Ben and Owens?s remake.

PAT: Right.

DAVID: At the sametime, these guys are great. (end of interview with Paul and David)

PAT (narrating): And so are the originals. Paul runs the EGPAF and since 1988, with the help of some Hollywood heavyweights, raised more than $155 millions for a great cause.

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