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Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul Interview ion UK's TGIF, 1999.

(Screengrabs coming soon)

Chris: The Final Award tonight is ?Oh My God, Look Everyone, it?s ?Starsky and Hutch? Actually on the Show Award!?

The nominations are: ?Dempsey and Makepeace? for Dempsey and Makepeace. (clip shown)

?Cagney & Lacy? for Cagney and Lacy(clip shown.LOL the guest star on C&L is S&H?s ?Matt Coyle?)?

And ?Starsky and Hutch? for Starsky and Hutch (Clip shown)

And the winners for tonight are ?Starsky and Hutch? for Starsky and Hutch!

(Loud audience cheer and applause)

Confetti all around as Paul and David pretend to battle over who comes trhough the door first.

Paul: Oh, alright! (as he greets the gal presenting the award. Paul accepts it, kisses her, moves over to kiss Chris, the host. David hugs and kisses the gal)

Paul: Thank you! Thank you!

(Paul and David walk over to the podium. Paul teases David by keeping the statue slightly out of his reach.)

Paul: (David is pretending to cry with excitement and joy over the award) It?s yours! I want you to have it. I want you to keep it. (He comforts an overjoyed ?emotional? David.. LOL) It?s OK. It?s OK. (Pat?s David?s back) It?s very personal!

David:(Crying, leans forward, very excited) WOW! (looks at his hand) The paint is still wet! What a surprise! You know, even though this is award is called ?Oh My God, Look Everyone, it?s ?Starsky and Hutch? Actually on the Show Award!?, we never expected to win up against such fantastic opposition!

Paul: That?s right, that?s right! That?s right!

(David tries to wipe the wet paint from his hand onto Paul?s jacket)

Paul: Don?t do that! Ah, ah, you know, I was talking to Cagney & Lacy back stage?

David: You were? (Laughter and big smirk from Paul) What?d they say?

Paul: Bada boom bada boom bada boom! (laughter all around) And ah, (looking at David) I learned that line from my wife Tracy. You know, bada boom, bada boom bada bang! (looking at the front row) Hi sweetie!

They were so convinced that they had won that they were already downing the pints like (Looks at David), ready? ?Jimmy the Five Bellies?

(Cheers and jeers from the audience)

Paul and David look at each other.

Paul: Who? Who? Who?s?.

David: Who? 2 minutes before?

Paul: I wanna know what Jimmy the six bellies looks like, the seven bellies?

David: Anyway, it?s ours and let me assure you, when we come back later in the show, we?re gonna tear the roof off this dump!

Paul: Absolutely!

David: Huh!

Paul: And, and, we just wanna, we just wanna, we just want to thank Chris and his colorful, grand elephantine?

David: Get to it!

Paul: COD PIECE! (Cheers all around)(Pointing to David) You know, I, I,... did you get a cod piece?

David: No, but, ah, I?m looking forward to it.

Paul: Well, I?ve spoken to them about that and I?m looking forward to that too!

David: We?ll be right back.

Paul: Bye bye!

(they walk off stage, Paul shakes Chris?s hand, David gawks at Chris?s magnificent cod piece!)

Chris: Oh, Well! (Cheers. Show continues)

Chris: There?s only one way to introduce our final two guests of the evening and that?s by saying it?s ?STARSKY AND HUTCH? everyone!
( Paul and David grab each other about who?s going to enter first around the back of the stage through the audience and stands. David kisses Alexia and his dog Czechy)

Chris: How are you sir? Hey, Mr. Paul Michael Glaser, welcome to the show sir!

Paul: How are you, sir?

Chris: Very well sir. David Soul, please sit down.

(David and Paul sit in front of Chris?s desk David rolls a toy Torino across the desk)

So, I know, there it is. That?s the car. Wow. (Chris grabs the S&H figures as Paul catches the car at the end of the desk) And there you are as well! You can roll and roll?.

(Chris fiddles with the car and figures as Paul and David watch)

Paul: I wanna see that one where you hurt your back! (Laughs and sits back)

David: Yah, right! There ya go, there ya go! (He makes a car sound) Boom! We just never grow up, do we!

Chris: You when you jumped on the car and landed on your bum?

David: Ah, huh.

Chris: Is it true that you split your bum?

David: I landed on my brains!

Chris: OK!

Paul: (Laughs; Hits David)

Chris: Well you did, you did all your own stunts, cause you told me you got injured heavily.

David: Well, we?

Paul: We both got injured.

Chris: Did ya?

Paul: Yah.

David: We had some real good teachers, probably the best in the business. They went on to become, Picerni and Company?

Paul: That?s right. They shoot a lot of films.

David: The best in Hollywood. And what we were fortunate enough to have, was a great teacher?

Chris: Ya.

David:? and any, ah, any stunt gaffer, the further you can take an actor into the action, the better. Well, we had two guys who were stupid enough (big smirk on Paul) to go in as far as they could, so they taught us.

Paul: We had a good time doing it.

Chris: You had a great time doing it!

Paul: Oh, yah.

Chris: I brought you a book here, David. David Soul Book.

David: Oh shoot.

Chris: Look at this. Isn?t it great?

David: It?s not my book!

Chris: But it features you heavily, doesn?t it!

Paul: You brought that from home, didn?t you?

Chris: It?s actually Will?s and he wants you to sign it later. It?s got all the inside information in it. (He reads) ?Days When Starsky and Hutch went on Strike!? Did the people ever go on strike then?

Paul: (chuckles) Whooo, well, there was a small little incident!

Chris: A small kinda thing going on! It says here that you had no power to change things in the end. I thought you would have been all powerful on that program?

David: Who wrote that book?

Paul: I wanna meet this guy!

David: I do too!

Chris: Is this all rubbish, this book?

David: Well, as far as, I don?t know! It?s a nice little gift book.

Paul: It?s an interpretation.

Chris: Well, were you powerful? I mean, you know, obviously not when the series started, but when you became number one?

David: When you?re right, you?re powerful.

Chris: Yah, because, I mean, we fought, we fought for the show. That?s one of the things we did fight for.

Paul: I?ll tell you how powerful we were. One day we looked at each other and said, ?You know, if we took all the scenes, the choice scenes from a bunch of the show and you took them all.. let?s see if you remember this. You had Hutch get amnesia and Starsky spends the whole show saying to him ?Don?tcha remember?? ?Don?tcha remember??, ?Don?tcha remember?? and ya know, the gag when theydid the show, btw was that he was making time with the nurses all the time and Starsky would come in and say ?Don?tcha remember??, ?OMG, it?s hurting? and like that and we figured if we did that, then we?d make ourselves a vacation! Ya know, we?d only shoot it in a day or two days and we?d have a vacation! (Laughter)

So we were feeling very smart, and very bright so we went to our producers (Looks at David), remember? This is what we want to do and they said ?Absolutely, great idea!? So on Monday, and Tuesday we shot those and on Wednesday they said ?Here?s your next script!?

Chris: No way, so they kept you from going? So weren?t very powerful at all!

David: Well,? that?s a..

Paul: Well?

Chris: Well, why did they take the show off? That?s still a mystery to me. Was there a reason for it? Cause it never went down in the ratings?

Paul: No we went off with very high ratings.

David: And, ah, basically, I think, it was enough.

Chris: How many years did it run for?

David: Ya, about 90 something hours.

Paul: 93 hours, 4 years.

Chris: Just 4 years?

Paul: Yah.

Chris: Well, maybe that was the secret of your success. Cause my perception it was around much longer than that!

David: You get in, you get out!

Chris: By the SASm ba boom, ba boom!

David: Yah.

Chris: So what did they replace you with?

Paul: ?Hart to Hart?

David: Was it really?

Paul: Yep

Chris: ?She?s gorgeous!? (imitating Max from Hart to Hart)

David: No, I remember?

Paul: That?s good! Very good!

David: I remember going to the network at the end of 4 years with Paulie and basically saying ?Look, if you guys could find something to replace us with, we?d like to call it, call it now.

Chris: really? So you volunteered, you voluntarily said that?s enough, we?ve had enough.

Paul: We?d, we?d been doing battles for a long time. We, you know, the thing that suffers the most in television series is the writing. It just happens because there?s such a demand for scripts, so eventually the writing level went further down and everyone was just ready to call it a day.

Chris: How important was the car in the?

Paul: The striped tomato!

Chris: Yah, was the car the star?

Paul: NO!

(Laughter all around!)

Chris: Who got the most fan mail?

David: The car!

Chris: It did off me, anyway, I know!

Paul: (to David) You ready to leave!?

David: I don?t, I don?t, we don?t, we never?

Chris: You must know who got the most fan mail?

Paul: No.

David: It really wasn?t on the top of our list of concerns. How many girls I got in my trailor was!!!

Paul: Wait a minute! Let?s open that can of peas!

Chris: Well, you had some wonderful?

David: Those were wonderful crazy days! They were crazy, crazy days!

Chris: You tried, we tried to get some footage of the car going into boxes, because you know, there were always boxes in the alley ways.

David: Ya, I know, isn?t that crazy?

Chris: And it did go into the boxes a lot. Hmm, boxes featured heavily just generally in your show, I mean, we gotta a clip here to show you.

Paul: Boxes and barrels!

Chris: Yah, boxes and barrels without boxes and barrels, Starsky and Hutch wouldn?t have happened!

Paul: Well, that was the original of the show, you know.

Chris: It was not!

David: ?Boxes and Barrles? He (Paul) was Boxes, I?m Barrels!

Chris: OK. Let?s just have a look at a brief clip now and let?s have a look at how many boxes.

(Clip from Gillian shown. Counted six boxes. Paul and David laugh)

David: Ya, who was the star of that show?

Chris: Well you know, strategic places for those boxes. Well you know you got the videos going in there. Is that why you?re over here, promoting the videos?

Paul: Ah, I came over for the videos and I also, I came over to support Davey in his play.

Chris: Yah, he?s playing at the Fridge.

Paul: Yah.

David. Yes, ?The Dead Monkey?. We?re doing a play, ah, Antonio Fargas?

Chris: Yah.

David: And Alexa Hamilton. We?re doing a play at the Fridge in Brixton, the ?Dead Monkey? and we?re also doing a concert all in one night. And it?s a reunion, a re-uniting of Antonio and myself. Paul came over the other night to support us.

Chris: have yopu written him in a little walk on part?

David: Yah, ya, walk on, ya.

Chris: What were your lines, Paul? Can you remember them?

Paul: Hmmm? (Laughs)

Chris: Do you miss the days of Starsky and Hutch?

David: Well?.

Chris: Were they the best days of your lives?

Paul: Well, you know, it was a wonderful time and we really had a great dance together and I think I?ll always miss that?.

Chris: Are you still willing to dance with each other?

Paul: ? because, you know, we had each other.

David: Oh ya, oh ya.

Paul: Oh ya.

Chris: You good pals?

Paul: Absolutly!

David: Absolutly, yah.

Chris: OK, it?s a real pleasure once again I?ve sat opposite heroes. I can?t believe it.

David: That?s, that?s the greatest thing?oh

Paul: Well, it?s, it?s our pleasure, our pleasure. I?m still curious about this cod piece.

Chris: OK, well, I?ll tell you about after in the bar when we have another great time. The great thing about these shows, I?m not just saying, cause they?re here, but sometimes you watch the old shows and they?re not as good as you remember them. These are. So they?re available now, so please thank Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul.


Paul: Thank you. (Gives a big handshake to Chris)

David: Thank you. (Gives a big handshake to Chris)

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